Matt Salazar – One month to 9yrs

08 Feb, 2018

Matt Salazar – One month to 9yrs

Couple’s Love Song: God gave me you by blake shelton

Almost 9 yrs ago on march 29th 2009 my wife and her friend came over to my house to hang out with her friends boyfriend my nephew and my wife told my nephew i like your uncle and i told my nephew who is she with i like her he said no one so i walked up to her we talked i knew at that moment i was gonna merry her a little over a month later on may 6th 2009 we went to the courts and eloped we told our familys at our 5 year anniversay we would have a wedding. 6months before our 5years my wifes father died and we weren’t able to get married it was to soon for her but she wants to have a wedding and our three kids wanna see us get Remarried so about 3 and a half months ago i purposed to my beautiful wife with the help of our kids for our youngest daughters birthday at the north pole in colorado springs co. On November 5 2017 in front of a fire she said yes she is ready this wedding would be such a blessing to me and my wife and such a dream come true to have our wedding at such a beautiful place thanks for this opportunity

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