Mary Montano – Meant to be- destiny

08 Feb, 2018

Mary Montano – Meant to be- destiny

Couple’s Love Song: As soon as I get home- faith evans

we met at the end of 2010 in November I had gone out for my sister’s birthday and he was going out with his friends. this is where we say it was fate. His evening began later in the evening and on their way to the club where we met que Bueno his friend had gone the wrong way and then they almost went off the road but still made it to the club later in the evening. I was going to leave but my sister had said oh I will get a ride from someone else or I will drive myself and it was her birthday so I stayed so she could have a sober driver home. So at the end of the night he came up to me and asked me for a dance I generally did not dance with anybody I said no but he pulled my hand onto the Dance Floor. The song was “let’s get married” so he got my phone number. We went on a date the next day. After the date he thought I was not into him but I was. I was in school finishing up my associate’s degree and of course it was finals week so we did not have much interaction after that other. we went on another date we were supposed to meet up but he lost his phone and I hadn’t heard from him in a few days he had to call the phone company and try to get my phone number for us to talk again. Then we started dating and here we are 7 years later. we have not gotten engaged yet but it will be coming soon but he had told me that if we win this contest it will be a engagement and wedding all in one day.

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