Mariella Andreo – We met at his work

08 Feb, 2018

Mariella Andreo – We met at his work

Couple’s Love Song: to make you feel my love written by dylan and sang by garth

We met at his work and became best friends. We would talk for hours on the phone to the point where one of us would always fall asleep. When I left that job for a different opportunity he asked me to dinner. It was a great night and we left with just a hug. Not even a kiss. bummed but he kept calling and we kept talking. The next time we met up it was helping out a friend and I ended up taking him home. We talked all night outside in my car and finally he kissed me. It was great. And we started seeing each other. We both just went through a divorce and his was very ugly. To the point that he said he would never marry again. And I thought I was good with that but love grows and things change. Our first kiss was on 6-5-04. And yes that is not a typo. We have been together for ever. 10 years ago we had the best surprise that ever happened to us our wonderful little boy. He has brought us even closer and we are such a happy family. I never thought that we would get married we even joked about it. He teased me and said once his declared bachelor friend would get married we would within 5 years. I thought that would never happen. But time is funny and he did get married last year so my whole family was estatic since the count down was on. I never thought it would happen but my son and him planned the best proposal ever. We went to my dad’s house in Kansas for Thanksgiving where we always do it the saturday before. I was told that we were all going to have family photos so we all were getting ready to take them. Apparently, it was our turn. Everyone was gathered around us and there was my son and my boyfriend. He was tying his shoes forever and I wasn’t even aware of what is going on. Just family pics. Then I turned and looked down and he had a ring box. I was shocked to say the least but then I saw the stupid Green Lantern ring that was in the box. I was mad I thought Wow he really is going to make a joke out of me in front of my whole family. So I shoved him to the ground. Then my son pulled out the real ring and gave it to me where I realized this was for real. He finally did it!! I did say yes!! So emotional and wonderful it couldn’t of been any better. It really was perfect. My son put it on youtube. So now the planning starts. And that hasn’t really happened since it is overwhelming. My fiance actually showed this to me and that is why we are entering. Hopefully you will pick us and we can continue this love story. Thanks for listening and thanks so much for doing this.

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