Linnett Méndez – Going strong

08 Feb, 2018

Linnett Méndez – Going strong

Couple’s Love Song: Ariel Camacho te metiste

Fernando and i have been together since July 16, 2015 we knew each other as kids and found something strong for each other. I didn’t think we would last years as a couple today, the first year was like a honeymoon we were pretty younger than we are now and pretty much didn’t know what our future really looked like. We were so deeply in love that we were even thinking of adding up to 3 but didn’t realize how much it would cost us being so young. We started having complications and fought for little things just because we were getting tired of each other but something would tell me each time that we needed to fix it because obviously no love was always going to be sprinkles and hearts, there’s a lot of bumps along the way that I’m willing to challenge just for him and he would think the same. The 2nd year we started dating I found out I was pregnant but the process didn’t go right and had a miscarriage. We were both distroyed in the soul and cried for many weeks but we fought it and still went strong but this is why I fell so deeply in love with him when I found out the pregnancy he stood so responsibly he got a new job and started getting more money, he didn’t leave me he was right by myself and gave me all the love and support. After weeks of my miscarriage we promised to work hard for our future so we went as a healthy relationship through out and went on our first family vacation together to California, it was an amazing time to spend a vacation with the person I love and his beautiful family. And everything was perfect from then until we both started getting complications for each other we fought for weeks and ended up getting a break from each other because it was stressing both of us out. While this whole thing was happening I had a baby growing inside my little belly. We eventually worked things out but it took a while to get back to our honey moon state. The day I found out I was pregnant was in December 2017 and only thought I was 2 months in I went to register to a all women’s pregnancy school called Florence crittenton and they accepted me with open hands, there I went to Denver health clinic seeking for a doctor to determine how my baby was. I found out I was 4 months in and and definitely pregnant. Him and i couldn’t be more than happy and joyful we cried together and very excited., he’s the only one with a car but he always makes sure I get what I need, want and takes me to places I need to get to without hesitation. He’s always been here for me and I’m always there for him without a doubt. I’m writing this because I would love to have a beautiful wedding we had a family meeting In late January about what him and I had planned for our future and came to a conclusion that we wanted to get married and have this baby together as married happy parents. Since we both are still young we don’t have the money to have a big party with all of our loving family’s so we set a marriage date for February 16th at court to get married but if I could get this opportunity I would be so thankful and get the wedding I’ve always dreamed of as of February 1st we found out we are having a baby girl ! And i will be due June 7th 2018.

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