Lindsay Crump – Finally out of the friend zone

08 Feb, 2018

Lindsay Crump – Finally out of the friend zone

Couple’s Love Song: “It was always you” by Maroon 5

Finding your soul mate at 16 is unrealistic. We watch sappy movies that make it seem easy, and something that is attainable for everyone. That’s not how it went for me. It went more like this: I walked into a party and saw this tall, dark handsome guy standing with his girlfriend. I was relatively confident and thought that perhaps he’d noticed me too and that he’d walk away from the gorgeous gal he was standing next to and sweep me off my feet. Maybe we’d stay up all night planning our life. Maybe we’d ride off into the sunset that very moment. WRONG. None of that happened that night for me. What did happen was a beautiful friendship began to form. We became close friends and began to hang out in the same crowd of friends. We spent many nights giggling, making fun of each other and genuinely enjoying this new-found friendship.
On Valentine’s Day 2003, Scott asked me out to dinner and I was a giddy little teenager. I was convinced that this was going to be the beginning of a love story. WRONG AGAIN. He took me to dinner, then didn’t call me again for almost 6 months. We ran into each other again while out with friends and resumed our friendship, even if I did feel a little burned. (He still hasn’t lived this down)
Two years later, I moved into his house – his parents had recently bought a new home and were renting out their childhood home room by room. I lived upstairs and he lived downstairs, but you wouldn’t know that based off of the amount of time we spent watching movies together.
At this point, Scott was single and I was seeing a guy was entirely wrong for me. I became pregnant at 18 and became single shortly afterward. For 9 months, Scott remained the most positive person in my life, reminding me that I was going to be an amazing parent, that I was an amazing friend and that he would be there no matter what. I moved out of the house and into my own apartment and started my newest chapter as a single mom of a fantastic little boy. I hated living alone and Scott knew that so more nights than not, he was at my apartment hanging out with me, letting me lay on his chest while watching a movie and then would leave once he knew I was sleeping sound.
Throughout the years, Scott and I remained in the friend zone with one another. I secretly loved him and always wondered about the “what ifs.” We watched and supported each other through good and bad relationships.
Every year on Mother’s Day, there was (and is) always one card I can count on. The one Scott would and does scribble something ridiculously well-spoken and heartfelt on. Every summer, I could count on one person to always join me at the lake for a camping, fishing or kayaking adventures – Scott. If ever I needed someone to laugh at me or with me, I knew Scott would answer the call.
Fast forward to Fall of 2015 and there I was, walking though the grocery store hurriedly trying to find everything I need for a Broncos game day feast, and I ran into Scott. We lived approximately 30 seconds from each other, yet we didn’t hang out as much as we once had. I was quick to invite him over for the game and lucky for me, he didn’t have plans and was excited to come over. This began a trend of seeing one another each weekend for several weeks. The texts continued and increased throughout the days and weeks and our weekend visits became almost daily. Then, the night that changed everything… Scott was leaving me house to go home and I told him that he could stay, if he’d like. He chose to go home and I instantly felt stupid for even asking. Once home, I got a text that said he wished he’d stayed and then asked the fateful question – “Do you ever think of us as more than friends?”
A few days later, we had our first date to an Avs game and it was the beginning of one of the best chapters in my book of life thus far. At this point in life, I was a single mom of two kids – 10 year old Kyler and 5 year old Laila Rae. So when things got more serious a few months later, I told him that if you love me, you love three. Without hesitation, Scott stepped into this crazy step parent life. He endures the sleepless nights with sick kids, he is the other half of my taxi schedule constantly taking kids to and from birthday parties and activities and he deals with 5 year old and 10 year old drama and attitude without complaint. He is an example of the kind of man that I want my son to grow up to be and the kind of man I want my daughter to seek for herself.
A few months into dating, on May 22nd, 2016 to be exact, Scott took me on a picnic complete with the essentials – wine, crackers, cheese and a ring in his pocket that I knew nothing about. He took me to a park next to the house that we’d met at 13 years ago. A park that we’d creating plenty of memories at. We laid on a blanket under a tree, eating food and drinking wine while enjoying a beautiful Spring afternoon. I stood up to stretch and Scott decided that he liked the milk so much, he wanted to buy the cow. He gave me a hug before dropping to his knee, nervous as hell, asking me to marry him. My response? In the midst of trying to comprehend if he was brilliant or insane, all I could respond with was “Are you sure!?” Followed by the best yes I’ve ever screamed.
Nowadays, our life is as you would expect it to be with two best friends that fell in love. We still do all of the things that we did for years that helped to build our foundation – we camp, we fish and we go to concerts. We read books with the kids at night, we attend basketball games every weekend to cheer Kyler on and we both work full time jobs. The good part about falling in love with your best friends? No awkward first farts, no wondering what the other looks like after being out in the woods for a week, and no nerves about meeting one another’s families. Our plan for life going forward is simple – we would like to get married, have a baby and continue to raise Laila and Kyler to be kind little humans. However, as you know, weddings can be insanely expensive and we have a hard time justifying the expense when we could use that money to send a kid to summer camp, pay for an activity registration or maybe take a family vacation one day. So that’s why I’m here, submitting a story about Scott and I’s love story, hoping you’d like to host a crazy tribe like ours for a wedding like no other.

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