Lashay Roland – I Really Did Not Like Him

08 Feb, 2018

Lashay Roland – I Really Did Not Like Him

Couple’s Love Song: Alicia keys if i got you babe

Well we met when i was 16 he was my boss and i really did not like him.we got together after graduating high school he would take me on dates bit would not go by myself so he would take me and my friends out and pay for dinner. We then stop seeing eachother years later we came back in Contact started talking again.have been together since for 10 years.. times have been a little rough we have had two little girls since then ages four and five our four uear old has down syndrome and has had some health issues ,have not had the money to get married have said we would wait a bit each time we plan something comes up as of health of our youngest child. Its been a long road but we love eachother and our girls and they love us. This would make our family complete

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