Kristina Salisbury – Rob and Kristina

08 Feb, 2018

Kristina Salisbury – Rob and Kristina

Couple’s Love Song: Driving on a back road

The first time I ever met Rob, it was his first day at work. I will never forget the look on his face when our eyes met for the first time. I always thought I imagined it, but he says it was always love at first sight. He was a single dad who worked hard to provide for him and his daughter. We became friends soon after and bonded over some deep personal stuff we were each going through at the time. My sister had attempted suicide and lost custody of her kids to the state. He found out the daughter he was raising wasn’t his and it crushed him. I coukdnt imagine what that felt like in that moment, but I always told him of he needed to talk, I’d be there. Months later, he would casually ask me to lunch/dinner and my answer was always no. I Iearned a long time ago that you dont find your hunnie where you make your money. I also was a single mom of 2 kids at the time and am very hesitant as to who I brought around my kids. I didn’t want to chance getting to know someone who could hurt me or potentially my kids. Even though I turned him down often, it didn’t change our friendship and over time, we began texting constantly, and spending hours on the phone. Eventually, I did accept his offer to go to lunch. I was so nervous for our first date, but I still have so much fun. Before I knew it we were officially a couple and within a month he met my kids. Everything with us, everything happened fast, but it feels right. I couldn’t imagine another person for me and another role model for my kids. He had accepted and loved my boys without hesitation, and he loves them unconditionally. On June 17th we went to Cheyenne canyon to play in the creek and picnic. It was the first time I had ever been to the canyon. I’ll never forget how cold the water was, and how I could barely keep my toes submerged long enough to stand. But, Rob asked me to walk with him and when us and the kids were in the middle of the creek, he got down on one knee and asked me and the kids to be in his life forever. Of course I said yes!!!!! Since then, we have shared alot of firsts in the past 10 months. First birthdays together, mother and fathers day, Halloween, thanksgiving, Christmas, and New year’s. Valentine’s day 2018 will be our first Valentine’s day together. Every day I fall deeper in love with this man and we couldn’t be happier together. This would be the perfect Valentine’s day gift. Thanks for hearing our story!

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