Kenneth Cordova – Wild Journey

08 Feb, 2018

Kenneth Cordova – Wild Journey

Couple’s Love Song: Lets Get Married Remix Jagged Edge

wow where do i start. Since the day i layed eyes on you i knew there was something special about you. I instantly felt butterflies rolling around in my stomach and i knew i had to make you mine. I didnt plan on meeting you the way i did but it was all meant to be. The first time we went on a date is was at Dennys. I was so nervous, being next to such a beautiful woman like you was not easy. I still remember when we were placing our order how funny you are. I landed up getting a nice burger meal, and out of all things you order a salad haha. I knew you were shy and i had to make fun of you after our date. I still bring that up and we just laugh together. its crazy but in a good way..6yrs later you are now the mother of my children. i cant tell you how much i care about you my love. I always here you say you want to get married and i feel awful because i have yet to give you such a beautiful wedding. You deserve the world, you’ve been there for me through thick and thin and i appreciate you so much. I want you to know that youre my one and only and i love you so much. Im thankful to have such a beautiful woman who has such a big heart and i never want to let you go, I Love You Jessica.

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