Kayla Roche – Our love

08 Feb, 2018

Kayla Roche – Our love

Couple’s Love Song: I won’t give up

Bryon and i met a little over 6 years ago! And been engaged for 5 of them. After about a month of talking ocer the phone and about 3 failes attemps to actuallu meet we finally met face to face and had dinner and watch our favorite football team ( the Denver Broncos of course). Unfortunately we lived 2 hour apart so only saw eachother on weekend. We spent our first new years together, and even after throwing up on him he still wanted to talk to me!. That February 2nd i found out we were expecting our first baby!. I took it as a sign we were ment to be together. 3 weeks after we found out he moved in with me. That september our beautiful daughter was born!! Soon after that he was afford a job on Texas so we packed up and moved away, he was laid off after 5 months of working there and we were back home in Colorado. We were here raising our daughter and having visits with his other 2 kids for a previous marriage. In the summer of 2014 he was called back to work for the company that laid him off so we followed the money and packed or things and moved again with promises that were not met again and the next February we moves back to Colorado and started life all over again. It was nice to be back home but unfortunately when we were in Texas one of my aunts and one of my uncles unexpectedly passed away, so when we found out we were expecting our son it was a blessing to our family! He was born that December, and whenhe was 3 months old we yet again followed the money and moved back to Texas where we loved we came back for visits every few months then that August my mom had slipped into a diabetic acoma and thankfully she came out of it. We came to help her out for 2 weeks and back wr went to Texas. Then on October 19 2016 my father passed away from a horrible accident. We took it as a sign we are not supposed to leave Colorado and were back! We moved in with my mom to help her since she can not be alone due to her acoma she was in. Bryon and i have been wanting to get married since rhe day he asked me. I have been wanting to havr a actual wedding but for all the crazy things that have been happening in our lives and having to pay for a wedding on our own, it keeps getting shoved to the back. We have been buying little thing here and there for it amd our daughter keeps asking when she will be the flower girl. It would be SO nice to make our relationship official! This man had been my rock over the past 6 years! I would love to have a wedding of our dreams so our families can finally celebrate our love for one another! Thank you so much for the opportunity!!

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