Kayla Padia – Never Giving Up On You

08 Feb, 2018

Kayla Padia – Never Giving Up On You

Couple’s Love Song: Here and now ( luther vandross)

My name is kayla I’m 30 years old I met the love of my life when I was 15 years old,but we had really official met at 3 years old my aunt has a video of us which she had showed us years later it was crazy to see it was us in the video my fiance had gave me a kiss on my cheek but I pushed away lol we were only 3 we didn’t know any better ,so when we first started dating in 2003 the year my grandpa passed away I first seen him at my grandpa’s funeral when I seen him I immediately felt a connection towards him I still say til this day it was cause when we were 3 and first met in that video I think that’s why it all felt so right ,he had came down from Denver moved to Fort Collins I have lived here in Fort Collins my whole life , here we are 15 years later our anniversary was Jan 28th and we are starting our 15 yrs this year togther,we have 2 beautiful children 11 and 6 year old, we are engaged at the moment going on 5 years being engaged everyone is surprised how long we have been together but no wedding we get asked a lot when is it going to happen I wouldn’t want nothing more than to have a wedding but we are living paycheck to paycheck,my dad had a heart attack a few years back which I had told my fiance that if I don’t have my dad here I just couldn’t get married he told me if anything have my brother walk me down but its just not the same I love my fiance more than anything 5 years is a little long to be engaged I just feel like our wedding may never happen 😞 ,and that hurts me more than anything cause I want my dad to walk me down the aisle I’m the first one out of my 2 siblings to be engaged 15 years with the man I love and its hard to afford a wedding,I have all our plans written out for our wedding and its just still sitting in my notebook, our children would be happy so see their dad,mom of 15 years fineally get married then we can all have the same last name would make us all the happiest. I just can’t wait to marry the man I love and officially be his wife.

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