Kathryn Bailey – Everything I wasn’t looking for

08 Feb, 2018

Kathryn Bailey – Everything I wasn’t looking for

Couple’s Love Song: At this time- by Algebra

Donta and I met in the late summer of 2012. I was at work at the local Friendly Neighborhood Home Depot and I walked past the electrical aisle. Being the customer service superstar that I was is I asked him if he needed help. He said yes and continued on to talk to me about electrical stuff I absolutely knew nothing about. But I acted like a master electrician just to be in his space long enough to size up this freckleface Redbearded man! I eventually told him that I would go find someone who could help him and I left. I return a couple minutes later to see if he was still waiting and he was.. he asked me if I had a boyfriend I told him NO and that I wasn’t interested in having one. He said well then can we just be friends? I agreed and gave him my phone number. After he left the store he text my phone “I think I found my wife”. I thought nothing of it but Donta would continue to bring business to the Home Depot on my behalf.
We developed a friendship over time… he drove big rigs overnight at the time so we stayed on the phone for hours on end laughing and telling stories and talking and we just developed a really good friendship based on truth, honesty and fights. Yes even fights! Sometimes we would go weeks without speaking but we were friends so we never went too long. May 2nd 2014 my mother lost her battle to breast cancer it destroyed me she was my best friend the love of my life. The day after her passing Donta came over to my house, he held me like a newborn baby as he sat on my couch and he rubbed my head while I cried myself to sleep. He was so gentle, genuine, and kind. My hurt was his hurt. The pain I was feeling he was feeling and I remember thinking to myself “I think I found my husband”.
After one or two Milestone relationships we decided that we would go beyond being friends. Donta asked me to try him out, and so I did. We met each other’s kids he met my son I met his two little girls and we started being a little blended family while we dated. We spent a lot of time watching movies eating ice cream, gaining weight together and losing weight together.
On September 19th 2017 I was getting ready for work stepped out the shower slipped and broke my fibula and fractured my ankle. I was rushed to the hospital I had to have surgery at which time doctors put a plate in my leg with six screws. The day after I had surgery my 13 year old son had surgery for a fractured shoulder. Now while I’m thinking that the world is crumbling around me, I’m out of work, medical bills are piling up, money is tight. Donta is acting like nothing in the world has changed reassuring me that everything will be okay.
Two days after surgery as I laid in bed high on narcotics I felt something messing with my hand I looked over and Donta is bedside on one knee and he asked me to be his wife! Of course I said YES! Since Donta popped the question he has been working restlessly taking care of my household and his.
We anticipated planning a great wedding, beautiful late spring, however, due to the financial hardships that have occurred we decided that we would not have a wedding. We have spent these past 5 months prepping our homes for the move and have relinquished all hopes of having an actual ceremony. We agreed that we would go to the justice of peace and get married and we would just take a trip somewhere to celebrate once everything settles down I am completely healed and we are in a more comfortable place financially.
Having a dream wedding for him would be enough ALONE! He deserves it he has sacrificed so much for me I’ve never met someone who loves me EXACTLY how I think I was meant to be loved. I have no quarrels about his love he is a great man who has giving me everything I had no idea I was missing.

Thank you for the opportunity to share our story.

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