Karmyn Erickson – The Metro Date Guy

08 Feb, 2018

Karmyn Erickson – The Metro Date Guy

Couple’s Love Song: Crave You by Adventure Club

I met my fiance back in 2010. I was working at an assisted living home at the time. I had a 2 year old and a 6 week old. I decided to try an online dating site called metro date. Almost all the men on there were from cities other than Denver. I got a message from A guy that lived in the same city from me. His name was Ed. I gave him my cell number and we would text eachother all of the time. I never planned on meeting him because well, that is crazy. I would never meet someone in person that I met online. One day I was on break at work and he text me asking me what I was doing. I told him that I was on break. He told me that he was in the parking lot at my work and to come outside. I was tempted to call the cops lol. I nervously went outside to meet him and he had a rose and starbucks for me. He didn’t think I was real so he looked me up on Facebook and found where I worked. He was so ecstatic that I was real, so he surprised me. We have been through alot the last 8 years but we are best friends. We have been engaged for 3 years now but just haven’t saved up enough money for a wedding. He is my person and I am his.

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