Jordyn Ovalle – 7 years to the man of my dreams… dreaming of our entirety

08 Feb, 2018

Jordyn Ovalle – 7 years to the man of my dreams… dreaming of our entirety

Couple’s Love Song: She’s everything by brad paisley

The first glance I had of this guy in high school changed my life forever.
I seen him an the world flew away it was only him an I. He seen me from afar an I seen him from afar. It was like my heart an his heart were a magnet an they met first glance. I was 15. Told my friends I was marrying him.
March 27th 2011 we began to date!
A year later march 31st we welcomed our first child. We were young! Couldn’t afford a wedding. December 1st of 2012 we vomited ourselves to each other in front of our church.
Things haven’t been easy. An I’m gonna jump our story some August 20 2016 our daughter was born. A child that doctors have no possible answer as to how I conceived her. After our son they said I wouldn’t be able to carry again.
Now a beautiful famliy we have. But we only begun.
May 13th of 2017 we were on our way to church. An our brakes locked up an we rolled.
Kids in the back I in passenger An the love of my life driving. We rolled. An after landing. I died. They don’t know for how long. They can’t explain how I even came back to life. But I did.
I gasped for air I came back an saw my kids get pulled out of our truck. My spine was shattered. I’m a young mom An I couldn’t even lift a finger to touch my kids or my husband. An he was right there helping the kids are his moms house N me in the hospital an rehab. I had to get a spinel fusion.
His love an our kids pushed me to re-learn how to walk, to talk, to eat an so on! It’s not about 8 months since our very. Horrific wreck.
I’m still in PT an speech therapy.
But my dreams for a wedding has gone. My last bit of hope I’m sending to you. I am already detested for the fact that I have a very large an long scar down my spine. I’d love to feel special an celebrate our love together!!! Life’s too short to not live your dreams out! Mine was always to have. Family an a wedding! Tho I did it in the wrong order.
My life ended in that truck. An id love for our whole family to come together for something so meaningful an special.
I’m thankful to be alive an I hope I’m alive to see my children’s weddings! All I did was watch say yes to the dress in rehab. My husband keeps telling me we will have a wedding. But medical bills piled up an doctors concerned about my brain it seems like I should give up.
My nerves are so damaged an my brain they aren’t sure if it’s “working” it’s like the neurons in my brain are drunk. I loose my motor skills I can’t talk or walk. I have had random amnesia I walked out of the store N didn’t know who I was or where I was. My ptsd has been a struggle as well. An I have seizures from my body over loading. The doctors still say they don’t know how I even got through the surgery. I’m alive from the love of my family. God gave me a second chance! An I don’t want to miss out on anything. I’d be happy to explain more or answer any questions. Our wreck was horrific. I walked away with a broken spine when I should of been decapitated. I’ve seen a lot of scary An I’d love to see something beautiful.
An id love to see my last name match my finances an children’s!
God bless 💝

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