Jordan Aragon – Sunshine & Seashells

08 Feb, 2018

Jordan Aragon – Sunshine & Seashells

Couple’s Love Song: “I’ll Be” by Edwin McCain

The best way to tell this story is to begin with a little bit about us. My name is Jordan and I am a 24-year-old working student. I am studying travel and tourism while working as a Front Desk Agent for the Hyatt Regency in Aurora and balancing working as a multi-skilled tech in the ICU of the Medical Center of Aurora. My fiancé, Vanessa Baker, is going to school for Restaurant Management while working as a CNA at the Medical Center of Aurora on the Progressive Care Unit. Balancing school and two jobs is always a struggle for us, so we love vacations and are travelling somewhere any chance we get.

Last July we took a seven-day cruise to the Eastern Caribbean. It was gorgeous and all around amazing. The last day of the cruise was St. Maarten island. We had planned to go to Maho Bay and see the planes fly over the beach, but our excursion was canceled. Instead of trying to get there by ourselves and using the bus system, we decided to have a relaxing day along the beach right next to the cruise liner.

We walked down along the Great Bay Beach and found a more secluded area where there weren’t families and kids running around, settled into our beach chairs and began to enjoy the ocean. Now, Vanessa can’t swim very well, so she tends to stay in shallow water. She loves looking for seashells and trying to find conch shells. Everywhere we go she always is on the hunt for the perfect seashells to take home with us. I was wading out in deeper water, just enjoying floating in the ocean and the midday tide. Every couple of minutes I would hear, “Jordan! Come look at this one!”. I would wade into the shallower water and look at the seashell Vanessa had found and wade back into the deeper water. This was normal, habitual, and comfortable.

Vanessa called me back over and I waded my way back to her. This time was different. In her hands was a near perfect seashell, but there was also something, a ring, sitting in the seashell. In the shallow waters on the coast of St. Maarten in the Caribbean, I was proposed to with a seashell, and it was the most perfect moment. Standing there she asked me to marry her and stay with her “forevers and evers” like we always say to each other. And at this point the rest is history. Of course, I said yes, and the rest of our day was spent celebrating on the island and with the friends we met on the cruise.

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