Jonathan Mendoza – Young love at Elementary School

08 Feb, 2018

Jonathan Mendoza – Young love at Elementary School

Couple’s Love Song: Carry out (featureing Justin timberline)

Jaime and I met in elementary school at side creek. We both lived in the same neighborhood. We didn’t hang out out side often because her parents were strict. We talked a lot on the phone. We were like boyfriend and girlfriend when we were in the 5th grade.
One summer, my friend and I were building a soap box cart, and I saw Jaime walking down the street… we both yelled at her to come over… we started talking and laughing about random kid stuff…. she said she would call me that night.
So the friend I was hanging out with that day spent the night. We ended up calling Jaime on the phone and talked for hours. I really liked her. My friend was trying to convince us to sneak out to hang out together… she was scared and honestly so was I. I remember one night Jaime and I were talking and we joked about sneaking out… she said I would not do it. So I took that bet and I did it.
So I’m snuck to her house in the middle of the night….I’m trying to get her attention by throwing pebbles at her window… this is way before cell phones… Her brother opens his window and says leave her alone and go home… so I pretended to go home and I waited for about 1 hour… Jaime then snuck out and we ran around the corner… we were talking and joking and I was really planning on kissing her. Well I remember she was wearing overalls and a Tommy Hilfiger tank top.. I was nervous as hell! My first kiss… I was terrified! So I was slowly making my mo e and bam! Her dad pulls ups in his car telling her to get in the car and he had a bat! He said “go home you punk; leave my daughter alone or I’ll call the cops!”
So I ran home, he called my parents late at night and they were outside waiting for me to come home. I got grounded. They told me never to speak with her again. So I didn’t cuz I was scared.
So I ended up moving. We moved to a different town.
Years and years pass…. I’m 20 years old and Facebook just started. So I’m like hey let’s find jaime…. so I find a Jaime that sort of looks like her and her profile says Florida… I send her a message saying hey how are you it’s been years.

I waited and waited…. no reply…. so I gave up. Surely two weeks later I receive a message on Facebook saying hey Jon!

Sure enough it was Jaime. I told her I thought she moved to Florida and I wanted to talk… so we hung out and dated and now we have been together for 10 years. We have never had a big wedding… we did our vouls… but she has always wanted a big wedding.

She is my best friend and my world!

That’s my story!


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