Jessica Limmel – A Series of fortunate events

08 Feb, 2018

Jessica Limmel – A Series of fortunate events

Couple’s Love Song: Til the day I die by story of the year

Cody and I met on good old MySpace. Yup we’ve been together since 2010. At first he was just a booty call not to romantic but in August of 2010 we found out we were pregnant. May of 2011 our handsome Mason was born. I fell instantly in love with him and the man/father he had become. Mason and I became his whole world. He became the love of my life. In May of 2014 Cody took me to our favorite restaurant with the intent to propose there (I had no idea it was that day but I had an idea it was coming. He had asked me what cuts I liked) so when I saw the table next to us had just placed a lady in a wheelchair in the aisle Cody’s face dropped. He went full panic mood and asked if we could change tables…. Even though we were almost done with dinner. I told them we were good and didn’t want to move and relaxed him. We paid our bill and headed to the parking lot…. Was pouring cats and dogs so I start running to the car. He grabbed me in the middle of the rain under the street light and proposed right there. I truly wouldn’t have had it any other way. Kissing him in the rain and the excitement I’ll never forget. Well we went full wedding planning mode for about a month…. Until I found out I was pregnant again…. February 2015 we welcomed our flower girls Keira and Karlee. Yup you read that right our engagement present to ourselves were our beautiful twins. So now that they are almost 3 we have began wedding planning yet again… But with as expensive as 3 children are we are trying so hard to get married. We have no help it’s just us paying for it. If there was ever a couple who you could guarantee would be together forever it’s Cody and I. The man I never expected to love has become my everything, my whole world. I don’t know how to live without him. And everyday I find a way to love him more than I did the day before. Please consider us and make our dream of getting married come true. Our current wedding date is November 1st 2019 by then we will have been together 9 years. It breaks my heart to wait so long to marry the love of my life. Please again your consideration would mean the world to us. Thank you.

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