Jennifer Kelly – #TeamLocke

08 Feb, 2018

Jennifer Kelly – #TeamLocke

Couple’s Love Song: Amos Lee-Arms of a woman

My friend, Jami, has two favorite things, traveling and setting me up with her seemingly unlimited stream of police and firemen buddies (as her husband has done both as a job). I finally put my foot down, and she agreed– no more set ups. I thanked her, and asked her to post my rental condo on her facebook. The NEXT morning at 5 am, I got an email, that started….Hi, you don’t know me, but my name is Andrew and I am Jami’s friend……at first I thought it was about the condo, but it was Andrew asking me out. I shot a quick email to Jami–(not harshly worded, ’cause this guy was sooo cute) and asked if she had forgotten her promise so quickly. In the meantime I did text him back, and had a great time with texting for a week, then he called and we would have 2-6 hour conversations. I was crushing so hard, but I would be out of town for a few more weeks, so we couldn’t go on a first date. Finally we made it happen, and I knew, I knew he was the one for me. Our first kiss took my breath away–cliché I know, but it literally did. It was such a good time, that I told my best friend I was going to marry this guy. Oh, and after that first date, I texted Jami and told her thanks…she had been in China for work, so she did not see my first email– and SHE DID NOT SET US UP!!! I asked Andrew about it, and he said that he was at the airport at 5 am, and on Facebook and a “friend of a friend” you might know popped up. He said he felt like he didn’t even have a choice but had to write me. If you knew Andrew, this is shocking. He is so shy, and had not dated for 5 years before me. I am so glad he did, as I love him so much, and just recently he and his son moved in with me. We already act like a family, and call ourselves #TeamLocke, but would love to have a wedding this year. Oh, and Jami totally takes credit for setting us up, and will do the toast at the reception if we win!

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