Jalice Vigil – Reconnected Love

08 Feb, 2018

Jalice Vigil – Reconnected Love

Couple’s Love Song: Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran

Johnny and I met in 7th grade when my family moved from Thornton to Westminster and I started at the new junior high school where Johnny was also attending. We were instantly friends and spent quite a bit of time together. We had a mutual friend who would pass notes for us in the hallways between classes. My mom would take us to movies, most memorable was “Purple Rain”. We ended up dating in 9th grade and through the summer until we started 10th grade. Johnny and I stayed in touch, but both dated other people through high school and while I was in college. We ended up going separate ways and lost contact, but I never lost the wonderful memories we had. Here are a few that I remember vividly. He gave me a mouse for my 15th birthday, it’s name was Q-tip, because it had a white nose and tail. My dad was not happy about this gift, but Q-tip lived in my room for a few years. He rode his bike in the middle of the night to return a diamond earring I lost in the street in front of his house and ended up getting caught and grounded because he snuck out. Fast forward 25+ years and there was a high school reunion. I attended and our mutual friend was also there. I asked him if he kept in touch with Johnny and how he was. He didn’t know, but found Johnny a few months later and gave him my contact information. Johnny called one night and we spoke about how our lives were going, where we were, how was work, the usual “catch up” stuff. I didn’t hear from him again for about a year. One afternoon in March 2015, I got a FaceBook friend request from him. I texted my best friend in CA and told her about it before I accepted it. She immediately stated she wanted to be in the wedding. Ha! Ha!! After a couple of months, I asked Johnny if I could go over and bring some beer and hang out to catch up. He agreed and we had a great afternoon laughing and learning about each others lives and where we were now. That was it, my best friend was right, we still deeply cared for each other and reconnected quickly. We have officially been a couple since May 2016, but in my mind, we have always been together. We constantly tease and harass each other (Johnny is a Raiders fan, I am a Broncos fan). We love cooking together. We watch movies and just have long chats. I am so happy to have reconnected with the Love of My Life from over 35 years ago. Our friends, many mutual, because we did go to school together, are super happy for us and we are looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together.

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