Hannah Haberman – Dateless for the winter royalty dance

08 Feb, 2018

Hannah Haberman – Dateless for the winter royalty dance

Couple’s Love Song: Perfect (duet) by Ed Sheeran with Beyoncé

In January of 2013, both Adam and I found ourselves dateless for the winter royalty dance that was 1 short week away. I really had no interest in finding a date, however, a friend of mine from the volleyball team (Arissa) wasn’t taking no as an answer and took it upon herself to get Adam to ask me to the dance. After begging my parents not to make me go with what I knew as the smart, school jock who was good at everything, I decided what’s there to lose? I figured it was just one night out of my life and that would be left at just that. Man was I wrong!

Adam was relentless in his pursuit! For many weeks after the dance, Adam would text me asking me on dates and to go to his games, once again, I drug my feet and refused all that I could. After all of his effort though, it got to the point that I once again decided that it couldn’t hurt anything.

Fast forward to April of 2013…Adam and I had gone on many dates by this point as well as attending his junior prom together. On April 30th, 2013, there was an NHS induction that he had to speak at due to his obligations as the chapter president and I was an usher. After the event, Adam wanted to take me out for ice cream, however, little did I know that I’d get out of the car that night leaving as his girlfriend!
Adam and I remained together until my senior year at which point we were almost 300 miles apart and had very different lives (I was in high school and he was at college). We went our separate ways but both found ourselves miserable without the other. 2 months after we broke up, Adam asked me back out and since that time we knew it was forever, no matter what.

After we finished my 1st year and his 3rd year at the University of Nebraska at Kearney, we went home to Scottsbluff for the summer. Adam worked full time and we both took summer classes. At the beginning of July, Adam said he wanted us to get dressed up and he was going to take me out on a date since we had both been so busy. On July 7, 2017, Adam picked me up for our date night. After we ate supper, I begged him to let me go put on my pajamas and we could finish the date by eating ice cream and watching a movie at my house. He kept refusing my request so away we went to the movie theater (in my dress). Little did I know he had people working behind the scenes to help him make it the most memorable night of my life.
When the movie was almost over, Adam got a “call” from the Scottsbluff National Monument that a “water pipe broke” and since it was his week to be on call he needed to go out there. Once again I asked if he would drop me off at my house so I could get my pajamas on but he said he was in a hurry and I would have to go with him. When we got to the monument I stayed in the car because I really didn’t want to be out there. I rolled down the window and heard noise coming from the amphitheater so I got out and started walking back to where the entrance is. As I got around the corner I could hear the music clearly and saw the amphitheater lit up with white Christmas lights, a video projected onto the big screen with pictures of us from our 4 years together, pictures of us in frames, a fire in the fire pit beside the stage, our puppy sitting by the stage, roses all down the isle, and Adam standing on the stage in the middle of a heart made out of a ton of small candles. I picked up the 11 white roses on my way down and he was holding the 12th rose (which was red). After he handed me the 12th rose, he got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life together with him! So now it’s time to plan for the greatest day of our lives surrounded by all people we love…. ❤

Our story may seem like a standard love story to many, high school sweethearts grow up and get engaged, life goes on with no excitement. What sets ourselves apart however is that we have had to overcome obstacle after obstacle to get to where we are today. I am no stranger to health issues, now having had multiple surgeries all before my 18th birthday to correct a condition that threatens to take away my ability to have children. Time is not on our side when it comes to being able to start the family we both so desperately want but Adam has worked tirelessly to move mountains for me to make things happen for us. He works as many hours as he can while being a full time engineering student and still finds time to go to medical appointments with me. Being full time students away from home is a struggle in a class all its own but Adam makes our world work. But he can’t do everything so I hope that with this application I am hoping to give him a gift of the perfect wedding. This gift would mean more to us than I can possibly express into words because it would show Adam that all of his patience, all of his hard work, and all of his silent pain was worth the wait. That we were worth the wait. Thank you so much for this chance, this would be such a blessing to not only us but our families.

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