Francie Martinez – What’s all the Buzz?

08 Feb, 2018

Francie Martinez – What’s all the Buzz?

Couple’s Love Song: Always and Forever….Luther Vandross

So, at our age, dating can be sort of a chore. Everyone has a past, everyone has expectations and no one wants to be very patient. It doesn’t mean everyone wants to be in a monogamous, committed relationship, just that no one is really patient with whatever their end goals are. It is fair to say that both of us were pretty fed up with the dating scene. I was fairly new to the metro area (though not Colorado) and Mack was just as fed up, but had been here since moving to Colorado. It had been a while since either of us had been in a serious relationship…..and dating was just getting old. It was the 3rd of July, 2016 and I was feeling especially cranky that my kids were with their dad and I wouldn’t have anyone to celebrate 4th of July (or anything with, for that matter). I went on a dating app, but was so disinterested that I literally gave myself 24 hours before I would delete it. After about 15 minutes (see how patient I am?) I was ready to be done with it. I told myself, ’10 more pictures’. I don’t remember where in the 10 Mack was, but his smile was so warm and genuine and his photos weren’t creepy (gym, girls obviously cut out, with kids, etc). I ‘swiped’ and it said we were connected (which means he had swiped on me first, for the record). We immediately started chatting….we were both fairly awkward which was an indication he hadn’t been on the app long either….good news for me. As crazy as it was, we decided to meet for a drink that night (a Sunday night at 9:30). We do not live downtown, so finding somewhere open was a bit of a chore, but we did it. It was obvious that there was chemistry, but also fairly evident that we were both a little nervous and out of our comfort zones. We chatted for 2 hours, but it seemed more like 15 minutes. I had to represent my office in a 4th of July parade the next morning at 630, so we said goodbye and agreed to talk the next day. As promised, he texted mid-morning to see if I’d like to spend some time with him that day. We spent from about 11 am to midnight together doing various things around the city…laughing, enjoying moments of silence and smiling A LOT.
Our story moves fairly quickly from there. We really haven’t spent much time apart since. After we had been dating about 2 weeks, he invited me to go to Mexico with him 3 weeks later. I was like, ‘why not’? Our trip to Mexico was seriously magical. It could have been filled with awkward ‘I don’t know that much about you yet’ moments, but we both embraced it and had an incredible time learning as much about each other as we could. We laughed, we questioned, we learned and were totally able to be ourselves. It was actually on that trip that he first mentioned getting married…..I thought he was crazy.
Once we returned home, we were literally inseparable. We are both extremely committed to our children (ages 3 to 21 currently) and our careers, but we have found time to establish and grow a beautiful love that neither of us had ever known before. Blending families is not easy and neither of us had ever done it before. Although it comes with plenty of challenges, it also is a piece that has strengthened our belief in our love and in ourselves as parents.
Fast forward to last July. We had spent the previous months perfecting Mack’s vision for his back yard. Our home backs to a golf course, but Mack strongly believes that your home and yard should be your sanctuary. He wanted a Koi pond with a waterfall, seating area, fire pit and hot tub in his back yard. This was in addition to an expansive patio with room for seating and a bbq. Even though our backyard space isn’t large, we achieved it all. Over the summer months, it is where we spent much of our quiet times in both the morning (after workouts) and evenings (perfect sunset views from the hot tub).
August 6th was a Sunday and we had enjoyed an afternoon barbeque at the house with friends. It was evening time and we were just hanging out with our girls (2, 12 and 16 at the time). Mack and I were sitting by the pond with the fire in the background. He all the sudden looked in my eyes and said, “Can I ask you something?” I was like, “sure”. He literally reached in his pocket and pulled out a ring and said, “Will you marry me?”. I was SO surprised….I had no idea that the timing that was in his heart was now. I was so overcome, and answered with a resounding, “YES!”.
From there it has been sort of a whirlwind trying to plan, work, maintain our family life. We are happy, but so, so busy, so the planning has sort of fallen by the wayside.
We love the idea of having our wedding at Dazzle and the size and feel of the wedding are perfect for us. Although we have both had weddings previously, mine was a huge ordeal and his was a small courthouse celebration. This celebration is perfectly us….small, beautiful, simple.
Please let us know if you need additional information! Otherwise we are looking so forward to celebrating our most special day with all of you at Dazzle!!

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