Felicia Sandoval – A long awaited dream wedding

08 Feb, 2018

Felicia Sandoval – A long awaited dream wedding

Couple’s Love Song: Let’s get Married ( Jagged Edge)

Me and my husband met 19 years ago through a mutual friend, neither of us were ready for a relationship then but the next time I seen my husband was at a dance and we were surprised to see each other at a dance which I loved to dance and so did my husband so we danced and talked and have been together ever since we have 3 beautiful teenagers and when we decided to get married all we wanted was to be together so we decided to get married by the justice of the peace and back then we didn’t have the finances to have a wedding and we decided it could be something we did later. We hoped around 15 years and now that has passed, then I wanted to loose weight and I just lost 100 lbs and we are ready to renew our vows but planning a wedding can take time time and I’ve seen people get married and take it for granted and we love each other so much we just want to celebrate with our kids and friend and family and show them how strong our love is and how much we still love each other. With the planning and financial burden of having to children in college and one so close to starting college a wedding is the last thing on our minds.. I’m starting to think we will never have a wedding.

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