Erin West – Lifetime Love

08 Feb, 2018

Erin West – Lifetime Love

Couple’s Love Song: Fallen by Lauren Wood

This story starts in 1998, I (Erin) was 10 years old and was taken to the hair dresser. On the hair dressers beauty stand was a picture of 2 boys holding a puppy. I began to inquire to her while she cut my hair, if these were her children, what were their names, etc. I was particularly focused on the tan one, with big teeth and a white polo. As the years went on, I got my hair cut every 6 months or so and grew closer to the hair dresser. I learned many things of her son (Seth) that I was interested in. He was older than I was and went to a different school and was way out of my league. But I always told myself that if I ever got to meet him, I just knew he would like me (I would make him). Many years went by and we never met he went away to college and was just a distant desire.

My senior year of high school for a graduation present my parent took us on a family trip to NYC in September. While we were at dinner my mom slipped me a number on a piece of paper. The name said Seth! It was our hair dressers son’s number. He was attending school at NYU University and worked as a club promoter at the time. My mom proceeded to tell me that I should call him, and I bet he could get me in somewhere and I could go out. My exact words were “Ya right! This guy will never take me anywhere. I bet he has 10 girlfriends”. My mom encouraged me to just try and see. So, I texted him (Chicken I know…). He responded, “Very confused that my mom gave my number out but sure let’s meet.” I was ecstatic that a college guy would even give me the time of day, especially him. We made plans to meet the next day in a park on his campus named Washington Square Park. This next day arrived a Friday and I walked into the park. My parents stayed in eye sight range because this made my Dad particularly uncomfortable. He called me because he didn’t know what I was wearing and couldn’t locate me in the park. He directly said to me on the phone, “I see this hot girl in white pants” …. I proclaimed, “That’s me!”. He hung up quickly in embarrassment. Then there he was in the flesh standing in front of me, better looking than ever, especially since the last picture I had seen when he was in 5th grade. We chatted briefly and made plans under the statue to meet up later and go to a party, he would call me. Well the party never happened, he ended up in the hospital for getting slipped the date rape drug from a drink not intended for him… so my vacation ended not seeing him again.

As the next year rolled around we maintained a texting relationship and started spending time together when he returned to Colorado for summer vacation. That following summer of us meeting we became inseparable and entered our relationship. He returned to NYC when the summer ended, and I visited every month. The following summer came around and the distance of our relationship was too difficult. We remained best friends and talked daily for years. Continuing to have jealousy and understanding when we each seek-ed out other relationships. It never deterred our love and friendship for one another.

In 2015 Seth decided to move back to Colorado from a 10-year career in NYC. We were both in other relationships, but our friendship could not keep us apart. He wasn’t here long before we decided to give dating each other another try. We split with our other relationships and began our new 2nd try adventure. In September 2017 we decided to go to NYC to visit his friends and return to some of our favorite spots when we first dated. On 9/15/17 a Friday, Seth tells me, that one of his friends cannot meet us for dinner so we were going to have coffee by the park (Washington Square Park). As we are cutting across the park searching for his friend I see a man who looks like my Dad. I even say to Seth, “Look at that guy, he looks like my Dad”. As we rush across the park cutting through 100’s of people. There is the statue we met under 12 years prior, with my parents (who live in Colorado) sitting on a park bench. I burst into tears, and Seth got on one knee. He proceeded to tell me, “That he couldn’t think of anywhere else to do this but the exact spot we met”. He said his speech and I obviously excepted and said, “Yes!!!!!!”.
This is our 13-year journey of love, with a lifetime to go. We hope you enjoy our story and will consider giving us the gift of having our wedding at Dazzle. Our song is important to us because it explains our journey and is from my favorite movie “Pretty Woman”.

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