Elizabeth Velasquez – After a Very Hard Breakup

08 Feb, 2018

Elizabeth Velasquez – After a Very Hard Breakup

Couple’s Love Song: Kenny Chesney – me and you

After a very hard breakup in 2011 i met Gerard. I wasn’t looking for a relationship. I was more worried about my boys and school work (college). I had 2 classes with him and in one our professor was running late. We all as a class gathered outside the door waiting for her arrival (not to mention we changed classrooms that same day). In the mean time gerard and i started a conversation. We continued to talk on the walk to our new class room and he even sat by me. We became inseparable after that. For the first month and a half we were just friends. He was very persistent on being a couple. I was worried about being hurt again. I eventually gave in. We found out about 2 months after becoming a couple that we were expecting. A year after our daughter was born, he asked me to marry him. We dont have a whole lot of money so he waited until income tax time and bought me a ring from the pawn shop. He asked me to come down to the storw before i went to work to see if the ring fit. Of course it did and he said “So would ya” lol. We have been engaged since February 2013. We really cant afford a wedding. We now have 4 children (one is my nephew i got full custody of him 7/2015). It would be a huge blessing if we get chosen. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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