Elizabeth Cortez – Two Youngsters

08 Feb, 2018

Elizabeth Cortez – Two Youngsters

Couple’s Love Song: This I promise you, by Nsync

Our love story…

Our story begins as two youngsters I was 18 living in Colorado Springs with my brother in 2009. I had just graduated high school and moved out here from Texas. I wasn’t looking for a long term relationship as I was planning on moving back with my parents to help them out as my dad had bought a tire shop.He was 19 finishing up early college high school classes, living in Denver. Beginning of 2010 I found out after being out here for a couple months that I had half brothers and sisters I wanted to meet in Denver. So I came out and met them. We met at a Wendy’s near his home where I stopped to get food before heading out back to the springs(end of January 2010). He noticed I looked at him when I came in and him being there with friends. I just went to order and wait as I didn’t want to eat while driving. After I had got my food and sat down to eat he finally came up to me to ask me if I was single. I said I was and asked for my number so I gave it to him, as I was of course really attracted to him. His friends of course saying stuff to embarrass him from a distance but I ignored it. I mentioned I lived in the springs but I did say I came out here quite a bit. So, as far as that goes nothing but calls and texts later. We have our first date the next weekend me traveling from the springs which I didn’t mind I love driving. We went to watch a movie and I went to go drop him off at home. We kissed and were saying our goodbyes. As we were I wanted to tell him how much I really liked him. Turns out I was so nervous I just blurted out “I really love you”. Which of course he doesn’t let me live it down and tells everyone that i was the first one to say it on our “FIRST DATE”. He didn’t say it back because i completely said I’m sorry i meant to say I really like you and laughed it off. We ended our night with him saying I really like you to. I completely thought about what I said all the way back home which of course it was an hour drive. Completely embarrassed I thought I ruined our first date for sure and he would no longer talk to me anymore after tonight. Couple more dates and months later and he finally said I love you which took me out of surprise. So, I move out of my brothers house in springs to my half brothers house that lived in Denver. But now my now fiancé had gone to college in Alamosa. So we were farther apart and I was working to save up money. He would come home almost every weekend and we would of course either hang out or go on dates. The next year 2011 we moved in together with and had his best friend as our roommate. We of course had our ups and downs. Next couple of years go by just smoothly and I told him I was starting to miss my family down in Texas and that my little sister was trying to plan her quinceañera and if he would wait for me as to I wanted to go down for a whole year or less than a year this was June 2013 and my sisters birthday was in March and that I would come back. He was okay with it and we were taking before I left about starting a family and just getting ready to save and save so we could a place just us two together. Well I leave and we’re still texting and calling each other every day. I started feeling sick at the beginning of August for a week. Thinking nothing of it. I end up getting a pregnancy test without telling him. Even tho i had my period after I had left and came back positive. Cried for an hour straight out of happiness and of course I had to call him. I told him and I could hear his voice in complete shock and I could tell he was happy. He couldn’t believe it and neither could I, hearing him sniffling over the phone we knew I would have to go back sooner than I thought as this would be our first child together. I unfortunately couldn’t plan my sisters quinceañera which she said I didn’t want one I either want a car or a trip to New York( she ended up with the trip to New York). I was happy and sad with the news as to I told my parents I was pregnant that Michael wanted me to go back to have the baby in Denver. I ended up having to say goodbye to my parents and told them as soon as I know more about the baby I would call them and send pictures and keep them updated and wish I could’ve stayed longer with them but we’re really happy Michael wanted to take care of me with during the pregnancy and was ecstatic about the news. He ended up coming on a plane to Texas so he could drive all the back to Denver so I wouldn’t have to. As we get back just a couple days later he surprises me with. As I get back home from work. I walk into our bedroom(living with his parents) him following me into the room and there’s roses on our nightstand and a little box next to it. Surprised I open the box and there’s my ring and I turn around and he’s right behind me and not on one knee says will you marry me? Of course u said yes! And kisses me and as clear as day I remember he says “I know we’re going to have a baby together and that’s not the reason I’m asking you to marry me as I know your going to be great mom to our child. But I truly love you and know it’s not because your pregnant at the this moment regardless your the one I want to spend the rest of my life with.” Completely speechless I tell him I love him all emotionally. His parents didn’t know I was pregnant until much later and I wasn’t showing so I hid it very well. We told them a couple weeks before we found out we were having a girl. We had chosen names a month before. My due date was my mother in laws birthday April 7th. My daughter came on April 5, 2014. Jasmine Jane Twiss was born and we were planning on getting ready to plan our wedding. We had financial problems and hit bumps in the road. We just kept putting it off the most important thing in our life was making sure our daughter had everything she needed. I never pushed him into thinking about having our wedding as we have small families. Christmas 2015 he gifts me another ring a newer and more antique looking ring. I was in shock again as I couldn’t believe it and of course I loved it and said maybe we start again and see if we can finally get married. Of course we just kept putting it off as we couldn’t decide on anything for awhile. Well 2016 comes around and I quit my job as I got robbed while working at a cellphone store. He didn’t want me going back as he knew it was stressing me out. Looking for a new job, I find my new job and I love it. He’s moving up in his job putting in hours. Well hello 2017 we were talking about how we wanted our kids to be 3 to 4 years apart from each other. Surprise I’m pregnant again not even trying I just had our 2nd daughter. Well we finally move out from his parents house during the summer. Getting close to my due date I get into a hit and run at 37weeks pregnant. They were never found unfortunately I was completely upset. He was furious, I had to go the hospital to have baby checked and make sure I was okay. Baby Mya Leann Twiss made her debut October 27th my due date being Halloween. We are completely in love with our munchkins. Yes, like I’ve said before we have had our ups and downs. Screaming arguments but always behind closed doors and sometimes over the littlest thing. We know we love each other just the looks on our faces we tell each other we’ll be okay. Not once have we questioned about not being together. We’ve gone through tough times knowing we will always have each other’s side through the good and bad. Luckily I’m happy to say I fall in love with him everyday because there’s always those little things he does to show me he thinks of me throughout the day. As I stare at his picture with my munchkins everyday. As this great opportunity is here at the moment we had to try and share our story. As he’s here making sure I don’t sound to corny and making of course a tough guy like him sound to sensitive. My other half would finally love to be married to each other and be able to invite our friends and family to celebrate.

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