Denise Chavez – God answered my prayers when he gave me my husband

08 Feb, 2018

Denise Chavez – God answered my prayers when he gave me my husband

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Hello my name is Denise, and here is my incredible love story. Let me start by giving you a background. I am 52 and had been a divorced woman for over 23 yrs, I am a bail bond agent and went to do paper work for a client that had a lounge with a restaurant . My talent is cooking and at times had supported my two kids catering, Okay, back to the story of how I met my soul ,mate, my true love, my answer to my prayers. I asked the owner of the establishment who he was bonding out of jail and he responded that it was a gentlemen who was renting the kitchen from him and was suppose to be having his grand opening the day he was arrested. I said jokingly ‘ well if it doesn’t work out let me know and I might consider renting the kitchen” The owner called me the next day and within a week I had a restaurant and a bail bond business. The first week a gentleman came in and soon became one of my best customers. I had no intention of meeting someone or for that matter dating at that time. I believe in prayer and pray every morning and a prayer had started rolling off my tongue saying( thank you for the man you are preparing for me” When I was praying this I meant in a few years I might be ready to settle down. Larry asked me out and I was reluctant….to say the least.Went on a few dates and thought he would be a good friend. 24 days latter we were married! I closed the restaurant a week later and knew that God had me open the restaurant for one reason only.. to marry my husband! We kept our marriage a secret for fear family ,friends would not understand . We were married May 19th 2016 and only told my dearest friend for over 6 months. I have the most incredible marriage…much more than any girl could ever imagine. We were married on a Thursday in a clerks office both wearing jeans and baseball caps. We had only went there to ask how we would go about getting a marriage license and the clerk informed us that we could do it right then, so that’s what we did! We celebrate our anniversary each and every Thursday ( my husbands idea) I have never experienced a love so great and pure… the song that is ours is the one my husband sends me and tells me he couldn’t have written a song better about the way he feels about me. I couldn’t have asked for a better husband if I had made him my self… so, I know we are already married but have always talked about having a wedding where I walk down an isle to be united with the man of my dreams… the man I have been in love with before I knew his name, We have talked about having a ceremony a celebration of our love but have had to put it on hold because of finances and made a commitment to have a wedding on our fifth year anniversary. As you can tell I’m a person who believes in fate and believes everything happens for a reason. example me seeing this contest 5 hours before the deadline. I believe our marriage is a great example that dreams do come true and prayers are answered. If we were to be chosen it would solidify to our family, friends and most of all me and my husband that great things happen to those who believe…


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