Denese Baca – Love that last many years…until death do you part, but I will meet you in Heaven

08 Feb, 2018

Denese Baca – Love that last many years…until death do you part, but I will meet you in Heaven

Couple’s Love Song: I Want To Be Your Man by Roger Troutman

We met in May 1987, married in May 1988. We never had a wedding, so I’m hoping that you will consider us even though we are married. It will be our 30th Wedding Anniversary this May.
Back in the 1980’s as teens we used to cruise 38th Avenue between Sheridan and Lipan streets. On May 23, 1987 this is what I was doing with a family member. It was a rainy evening, so we were looking for a house party to go to. Finally some guy, (who later became my husband), was going by and passed a flyer to the car in front of us, then came and gave us a flyer. It was for a house party.
We decided to go. When we got there we just mingled around and then stood against the wall by the DJ and where the people were dancing. After a little while, this guy came up to me and told me his friend wanted to dance with me. Well first of all his friend should have came over to me himself, not send his friend to ask me. I decline, for that reason as well as Rap music was just up and coming, I wasn’t comfortable dancing to it yet. This friend kept bothering me to dance with his friend. I just said NO… Well, this song by the S.O.S. Band came on called Nobody’s Going To Love You. He looked at me and asked me to dance with him! I danced with him the rest of the night.
It was late and time to get home, he was a gentleman and walked us to my vehicle. He told me he was going to The Greystone Castle to hang out the next night and that maybe he’ll see me there. He also said, “Maybe I’ll give you my number then.” Said good night and walked away. My cousin said why don’t you give him a kiss tonight. I called him back, something I never did! He came back, we missed, he said,” Here’s my number now!” Call me tomorrow.
The next day I did call him and we went out on a date. He asked me to marry him that night! Of course I said “No”, but I eventually gave in.
We got married a year later, we were kids, we had no money. Justice Of The Peace married us.
In June 1988 my husband went into the Marine Corps. He was enlisted even before I met him. I also found out I was pregnant!
We’ve been lived and stood by each other through a lot. Including the suicide death of his middle brother, while my husband was in boot camp.
He was in The Panama Coup Attempt, as well as Desert Shield/ Desert Storm, The Persian Gulf War.
It would be so amazing if we could have a wedding for our 30th.
We are still going strong. I just battled 2 different Breast Cancers, almost died over 3 times. He took the best care of me, and our Love is ever more stronger, and I didn’t think I could love him even more!
Please consider us for this contest, I would be forever grateful.

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