Debi Holleman – Lasting Forever

08 Feb, 2018

Debi Holleman – Lasting Forever

Couple’s Love Song: I’ve made love to you 1000 times by Smokey Robinson

David and I have been together since 1983. We met 5 days after my first husband and I separated and we have been together ever since. When we met I was 25 and David was 32, we are now 60 and 66. He tells people he raised me from a pup. We have literally grown old together, Colorado Common Law is all we have ever been. I was not divorced. Our family does not know that we were never legally married; they do not know that we only did a private ceremony with just us two. We made vows to each other and told everyone we got married, we have lived with the lie since 12-25-1987. We have never shared our loving union with our families. We both have children, but none together. However we did raise my brothers 2 sons as for own for the past 20 years. We have grandchildren and great grandchildren. We are blessed with a well blended family no step children here. We are as much in love as when we met, we laugh and enjoy each other and all our babies. We would love the opportunity to share our commitment to each other in presence of our families. I have never had on a wedding dress and would be fulfilling a dream. A dream that without this opportunity I was sure had long past. I recently lost 165 lbs I would love to see Davids face as I walk toward him looking like angel, before that agnel appearance comes with wings. Finally in July 2017 I received the divorce I had been seeking all these years. David is retired now and we live on fixed income so we had thought we would just leave things s they are, but I have always wanted to be a bride. I think every woman does. I don’t think I am too old to want that. We chose Christmas to do our vow exchange because “I” thought it would be a day he would not forget, but it turns out to have been the worst possible day, because I never get him all to myself. So we eventually gave up even recognizing it as anything.
I would love to confess to our family and have a special day, with photos and memories that we can enjoy for the rest of our days.

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