David Salaz – Never Giving Up On You

08 Feb, 2018

David Salaz – Never Giving Up On You

Couple’s Love Song: “Never Giving Up On You” by Matthew Parker

November 12th, 2007, we had our first major fight. My girlfriend of 2 weeks Sandra Ramirez was wrongfully mad at me (David Salaz) for getting drunk with my friends on a Saturday night. Sure there were other girls at this party I was at but we were just friends. 5-Hour Energy Shots were just released and I paired them with alcohol every night which allowed me to stay up until dawn for about a week. I was literally sleeping 2-3 hours a day. That night, Sandra was working the graveyard shift as a cashier at a Conoco. We argued on the phone. I spent about an hour and 45 minutes trying to convince her she’s being a hater and that I was not going to cheat on her. My friends kept interrupting our conversation like ” Get off the phone already!” or “Come back to the party!”. This made Sandra very upset. I eventually became enraged with the lack of progress my words were having and began to scream some obscenities and call her names before I hung up the phone. After a brief moment, I decided to break up with her. But I couldn’t do it over the phone. So I decided to take a shot of Captain Morgan for and a 5 Hour Energy Shot and hit the road for a 30-minute drive to break up with her in person. I was located on Parker Rd and I-225 in Aurora and had to drive to the Conoco on 104th and Tower Rd in Commerce City. In a drunken stupor, I dangerously pulled out onto Parker Rd when I suddenly blacked out. I honestly have no recollection driving out of Aurora. The 5 Hour Energy Shots had lost their effect and I was not right in the head. I needed sleep badly but now was the not the time. When I came to, I noticed I was still driving but I found myself on Federal BLVD! This street is way out west in Denver and completely off route to the Conoco Sandra was at. I remember saying “WTF?” before I blacked out again. When I woke up the second time, I noticed I was driving on the wrong side of the road. Out of the pitch black darkness, a pair of headlights to an oncoming car beamed directly at me. I awoke with just enough sense to adjust my steering wheel with hopes to miss the head on the head-on collision, but it was too late.


The left side of my left headlight scraped against the oncoming car’s passenger side of their right headlight. If I hadn’t woke up just in time for that slight adjustment it would’ve have been fatal. Both of our cars came to a halt. I looked out the passenger window and noticed I was heading NB on Highway 2 in Commerce City. Then I looked in my rearview mirror at the other vehicle stopped on the highway. As I started to get out of my vehicle to talk with the other driver, he drove away, back into the dark night. I watched on as his brake lights slowly disappeared. I was wide awake now but extremely confused. I took a look at my vehicle and noticed it was drivable so I decided to drive away too. Plus, I was finally close to the Conoco Sandra was working at.

I don’t remember what I said when I approached Sandra working at the register. The surveillance video showed us arguing back and forth than me storming out of the convenience store in anger and wimpy frustration. I got in my car and sped down Tower Rd crying all the way back to my house in Aurora. When I got home Sandra pulled up behind me. She had stormed out after me while she was on the clock! She left the gas station unattended because her co-worker was out back smoking while we argued. I let her come inside my house. We sat and talked on the stairs where she had pleaded for me not to leave her. It was shocking, I wondered “Why would she want to stay with me after everything I did to her?” I failed to be empathetic on the phone when she was worried. I screamed obscenities at her and called her names. I even hung up on her while she was opening up to me. Furthermore, I caused a drunken scene at her work and tried to break up with her! I felt so guilty. I wondered how could she be so forgiving after all of that? How could she still want to be my girlfriend after the way I was behaving? She was unbelievably kind to me and it was the first time I ever felt loved by a girlfriend. We held hands and went to sleep together.

December 12th, 2007 We were with each other all the time. She was incredibly nice to me. She gave me compliments, she showed me off to her family, she even helped me clean the clinic ( where I worked) at nights and didn’t judge me for being a Janitor. She bought me a Ninja Keychain from her Conoco and showed me new music. We watched “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry” together during a snowstorm and made popcorn. While in my socks and pajamas I tried to romantically carry her away to her bedroom. But before I made it to the bed I slipped on the hardwood floor and we both came crashing down. I was extremely embarrassed but she just laughed. We were very happy and she held my hand wherever we went.

January 12th, 2008, I had the strangest feeling Sandra was pregnant. I couldn’t shake it. Everywhere I went I told myself Sandra is pregnant, Sandra is pregnant. Sandra. Sandra could see the concern in my demeanor. So when I told her what I thought she opted to get a pregnancy test done. While waiting for the results she adamantly denied that she get could get pregnant. She said something was wrong her reproductive system and her periods are never normal or on time. She told me there is no possible way she could be pregnant. When it was time to check the results she showed me the test and said “See! I’m not pregnant! Theres only one line!” When I took a closer look at the test I noticed a faint second line. I said “No, you ARE pregnant. There are two lines!”. We frantically sped to a clinic to get confirmation.

Finding out my girlfriend was pregnant was extremely difficult and emotional. At times I was hopeful but other times I was angry. We talked over and over again about our options. We couldn’t decide on the best outcome. None of my friends told me I should have the baby. The roommates Sandra had were telling Sandra things like ” You won’t graduate school.” and “You’re going to ruin your life” plus “You barely know David.” But something always told me we could make it if we tried.

Sandra returned to Conoco that night for work. I decided to pay her a visit. But she was a wreck. Her mind was everywhere. She was confused and angry and was even mad at me! We were still very much immature and did not know how to handle problems well. We started a big argument outside in the parking lot. Back and forth we screamed and yelled. We were so overwhelmed with the thought of having our first child together at such a young age. Sandra screamed, “If you don’t want this baby than ill take care of it!” I said begrudgingly said “Fine. Get out of here than!” She angrily got into her beloved 1999 Lime Green Volkwagon Beetle and peeled out into the street. I turned to walk away to my car when I heard an awful sound.


Sandra had plowed her Volkswagon Beetle into 18 Wheeler Diesel Truck. I ran to the scene and saw the Diesel Truck had destroyed The Bug. Emergency Responders arrived on the scene. I looked about in shock at the destruction. Her car looked like a soda can that had just been stomped on. I found out the crash had sent Sandra, who had not fastened her seatbelt, from the front seat to the back passenger seat and crushed everything around her. Every part of The Bettle was annihilated except the back passenger seat where Sandra sat crouched in a fetal position. The fire department used the special tool pry Sandra away from the wreckage. The first thing I heard her say as she entered the ambulance was “Is my baby ok? Is my baby ok!?”.

Once again I felt how loving of person she was. I thought “How could the smidge of a fetus be the first thing she thought about after being nearly killed!?” Everything was so insane right now. I knew I could not let her go through this alone. I ran to the ambulance and yelled ” I’m her boyfriend.” They graciously let me ride with them to the hospital. The paramedics told me she would miraculously walk away from this without any injuries. I was relieved and amazed. I got close to Sandra and we held hands like we always did.

I truly believe the enemy forces were trying to desperately keep our love from blossoming. This was only the first few months of our relationship. Our lives together have been a crazy adventure. We were are both broken people with difficult past. We faced extreme adversity as young parents. We argued often. I took a stressful job as a 911 Dispatcher. I struggled financially for a long time but she would get a part-time job. I couldn’t handle the stress of that job and my new family but she would always comfort me. I made things worse a lot of the time. I had to go through a growing and maturity process and Sandra had to endure the bulk of my growing pains with kindness and grace. I was selfish and sinful. I was egotistical and temperamental. I honestly can’t understand how she loved me during those times. But she did. And she did it while raising a daughter and getting a Masters Degree in education to be a Teacher.

Love might be easier for a lot of people with financial freedom who can take trips to Paris and fall in love under the Eiffel Tower like some romantic movie. But I believe that true love is work. Sandra worked through my flaws. worked through my emotions. She held me down when I was unemployed. She forgives me for mistakes. She holds me when I’m tired and worried. She smiles and jokes when I’m sad to cheer me up. The truly amazing thing about Sandra is she never gave up. No matter how many times I screw up no matter how unlovable I was she never gave up. I will always remember the difficult times the most because that’s the true test of love.

We have just celebrated 10 years together on Cruise to Mexico. It was our first vacation ever! We got to dance on an island. On the boat, I looked in her eyes and remembered everything we went through. It’s astonishing how far we have come and how much better we’re doing. She is an established teacher and I own a profitable business. My daughter is growing with excellence and we have a lovely home. We give our time and money to our church to be a blessing to others. We accomplished so much and it’s because of her love. She deserves all of the credit. She is amazing and I pray she can have the marriage of her dreams. I can’t wait to see what our future holds. I love you, Sandra . Thank you for loving me.

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