Dan Gorman – Dan & Meaghan – A Love Story

08 Feb, 2018

Dan Gorman – Dan & Meaghan – A Love Story

Couple’s Love Song: La Vie En Rose by Louis Armstrong

Word doc attached, but wanted to copy it here just to be safe because we’re so excited about this opportunity and don’t want to miss out!!!

Our love story has never been traditional, and we’d love the opportunity to celebrate our nuptials in such a unique way with Dazzle. We first met in Mrs. Armstrong’s kindergarten class at Kohl Elementary School in Broomfield. Meaghan was a darling curly haired child dressed in the poofy sleeved dresses so popular with mothers of the eighties while Dan was an awkwardly tall kid, a bit rebellious, and lacking any ability to censor his thoughts.
We shared our first kiss, a quick peck on the cheek, under the clown head swing that was such a popular fixture of our first year of school. Over the ensuing years, Dan remained infatuated with Meaghan’s elfin face and gorgeous locks while she had little interest in his brash and brooding demeanor.
After the requisite embarrassing middle school years, we found solace in different crowds. Meaghan joined theater and began to explore her artistic passions while Dan focused on basketball, eventually becoming a captain on the 2004 state championship team. Our paths crossed again at a few parties in senior year; although they were quick flings, the passion we shared foreshadowed the love that would develop in another handful of years.
Meaghan graduated from UNC and moved back home like so many of our millennial kin. Dan never left Broomfield and was wasting away at the ultimate bachelor pad on Elmwood Street. She bumped into Dan’s roommates over breakfast at the local Great Scott’s Eatery and agreed to come over later that night, mostly as an excuse to get out of the house.
We stayed up until four in the morning that night, talking about life, heartbreak, and philosophy in that impassioned and often ill-informed way that only the innocence and lack of responsibility in our early twenties allowed. As dawn creeped ever closer, Meaghan was making moves to cap the night with another passionate fling. Dan, in a calculated risk that could have been disastrous, declined to give in to the carnal passions we were both feeling. Instead, he hoped that by delaying the consummation of our lust he could entice Meaghan to stick around. Dan gambled on the long game and it paid off beyond his wildest imagination.
Over the last nine years we’ve grown and matured together in a variety of ways. Notably for this purpose, Meaghan introduced Dan to the wonders of jazz in all its glory. Some of our favorite dates were at the old Dazzle location. Having been a patron of Dazzle for the last 16 years (half her life!), Meaghan was very eager to introduce Dan to the club, and he wondered how he had never been to this local gem. To this day, our favorite moment remains Meaghan’s birthday date night when we saw Katie Glassman and Snapshot at one of their holiday concerts. Being surrounded by amazing music and great food has a way of reminding us how truly lucky we are to share our lives together. Celebrating our nuptials in Dazzle’s new space would be a perfect bookend as we transition from our dating lives to our married lives.
We took our first road trip together to Moab in the fall of 2014 and had a wonderful time. On the last day of our trip, we learned that Arches National Park allows hiking at night and we immediately began to plan a follow up trip in the spring. Unbeknownst to Meaghan, Dan also began to plan his proposal. After a grueling afternoon hike in the desert heat that we were ill prepared for, there was some doubt that we would make our midnight hike to Delicate Arch as planned. Dan was panicking as we laid down for a quick nap, wondering if his well laid plans would be ruined by our exhaustion.
We woke up and proceeded into Arches National Park under a bright full moon. The red glow of spider eyes reflecting our headlamps led the way up to that iconic and picturesque arch. Upon arrival our breath was taken away; the moonlight had a way of softening the harsh desert landscape and welcoming us into its fold. We sat down and held each other, letting the glow of the full moon envelop us, reveling in that unique combination of wonder and exhaustion. Meaghan was tired and seemed ready to head back down after about twenty minutes. Dan was nervous, stomach knotted, and waiting for the right moment to ask her to spend forever together.
A handful of guys were milling about, a bit drunk and frat-like in appearance. Dan continued to stall for time, “Let’s stay a little bit longer.” Eventually the inebriated fellows wandered off, leaving us with one other couple shooting photos about 100 yards away. We finally stood up to head down the mountain and Dan paused, dropping to one knee, “There’s just one more thing… Will you marry me?” Meaghan was truly shocked, brought her hand to her mouth, and was briefly silent before finally answering yes as we held each other and shared our first kiss as an engaged couple. After our embrace, Meaghan looked over to the couple taking photographs of the moonlit arch. “Sorry to interrupt, but we just got engaged and I have to tell someone!” she screamed. The other couple put down their cameras, offered their congratulations, and graciously offered to take photos of us to document our lovely moment.
Despite Dan’s discomfort with the precarious walk, we proceeded to position ourselves under the arch to reenact our engagement for the camera. One month later we received an email from our benevolent photographer with a gorgeous photo of one of our most cherished moments.
Since our engagement we have been focusing on building our lives together. We’ve established our careers, bought a home, fawned over our 3 new kittens (Lola, Luna, & Harvey), and genuinely enjoyed each other’s company through both triumph and tragedy. Meaghan completed nursing school and started working at University Hospital while Dan focused on furthering his career as a landscape designer. However, much to our family and friends’ chagrin, we haven’t put much effort into planning our wedding. We see this as the perfect opportunity to move forward with our wedding in an ideal environment and at an ideal time. We sincerely hope to share this moment with Dazzle as it has already been an important fixture in our relationship.

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