Cristal Salas – Our Story

08 Feb, 2018

Cristal Salas – Our Story

Couple’s Love Song: The delfonics _ la la means I love yous

Andrew and I met in march 2006 . It was love at first sight . We ended up getting pregnant I had already had a son but he took him in as his own . After giving birth Dec 3rd 07 to our son Andrew Jr. He passed away on Dec 19th 07 at 16 days old from Sid’s this how ever put a strain on our relationship with the odds against we found God and put it in his hands . We know have four children Juan 13 , tysace 8 ,lailah 6 and Drew 1 . They have been our priority keeping a house over there head food in there mouth and clothes on there back . We been together for 12 March 6th this year. I don’t know much of what I can say but Andrew is my heart my soul he proposed march 6 2017 my answer is obvious I said “FINALLY” . We work so hard for our family we rarely get time for ourselves let alone to put money away for a wedding. That’s our story and thank you for considering us..

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