Chryztii Harrod – Better in Picture

08 Feb, 2018

Chryztii Harrod – Better in Picture

Couple’s Love Song: “Polaroid” by Imagine Dragons

We told almost everyone a big fat lie for the first month of dating. Too embarrassed to admit that we met on tinder, we decided to tell only “part” of how we met, saying that we met at the mall – where we first greeted each other face to face. Each of us had friends who dared us to make an account just for fun, neither of us expected that we would find our forever love on an app that is so shallow and taboo. I arrived to our date with an enormous and embarrassing hickey square on the center of my throat from a date gone oh-so-very wrong earlier that week. I tried so hard to cover it with a scarf, but it was one of those odd Colorado weather days when it felt like summer in the middle of winter. He didn’t tell me that he even saw it until probably about 6 months into dating when I asked him about it as we were reminiscing our first date and major milestone. Our song tells each of our stories of self doubt and feeling like a train wreck, but at the end of the day we continue to make amazing memories. We both love photography, he prefers film though. The idea of a Polaroid picture always makes me think of how quickly we forget the beautiful moments that unfold before us. One of my biggest fears in life is for my memory to deteriorate faster than it already has and for these beautiful memories I have collected to slowly disappear forever. Part of why I love taking pictures (especially of us together, even though he doesn’t really like to be the subject), is because I can look at a picture and feel everything all over again as if I am living in the picture, even if I can’t remember every small detail.
While my fiancé and I met on tinder, we each took the time to look at more than just the cover pictures. I took my time analyzing each picture and reading his bio – still mentioning it when someone comments on his height, “I tower over people.” It made me laugh before I ever met him. His goofy grin in pictures far too old to be applicable and his American Red Cross blood donor t-shirt showed me where his heart was from the beginning. Even now, when I see his face full of stress and exhaustion, I look back on pictures of us and keep in mind what I want to remember everyday, our love – better in picture.

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