Christine Karlen – Magical and Very Special

08 Feb, 2018

Christine Karlen – Magical and Very Special

Couple’s Love Song: Brett Young, In case you didn’t know

Robert and I were introduced to each other in 2009 little did we know the introduction would turn into a love that magical and very special. Robert is my best friend and I love him very much! Robert and I took the official leap into our relationship in February 2016 and in December 2016 Robert asked me to become his wife. I said YES and was very proud he got down on one knee broken leg and all. Robert had broken his leg and had surgery Dec 12 and was not able to work and support our family. I took the job on head on and worked two jobs and took care of Robert and my girls. We both had lost everything and we’re in the process of starting over when we started dating. My children’s biological father was abusive to me and drove drunk and wrecked the car with my children inside. This is something that has affected many areas of my life. He pleaded guilty to Felony DUI and child abuse resulting in bodily injury. For this, he received an 8 year prison sentence. Which has been hard for my girls. However, Robert has gladly taken on the male role model for them and supports them and builds them up every chance he gets. Robert is a very sincere, loyal, spoortive, honest and loving man, He has stuck by me through things most men would run from (baby daddy problems, nightmares, depression, my children medical issues…. Ect) he has been my rock and my foundation to learn who I am as a person again. We had planned on having a wedding in 2017 but financially we weren’t in a place to be able to do that because of the life changing events we endured. We found ourselves struggling in many areas of life. I will say even with the struggle I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. We want a “real” wedding and the opportunity to show everyone around us how much we love eachother. I would very much so love the opportunity/gift to give him a beautiful day and enjoy it with family and friends. Life hasn’t been easy… But it’s been worth it and someday I will have a beautiful wedding!

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