Chelsea Chavez – We Had Mutual Friends

08 Feb, 2018

Chelsea Chavez – We Had Mutual Friends

Couple’s Love Song: Thinking out loud by ed Sheeran

We met in the year 2013,we met in high school we had mutual friends. We just remained just friends. A year after he started to pursue me, and I’ll admit I played hard to get but he got my heart in a second. We been together ever since, we have had our ups and downs, moments where we wanted to quit but he never quit. February 7 2016 we were unpacking from a trip to California and we just were in his room and I turned and he was with one knee and proposed. It was perfect to me because it was just us, he knew I’m not the type of girl that wanted a crowd because I’m simple. Of course I said yes. I don’t believe in farytails but he made me believe in a happy ending, uve never thought I could love someone as much as I love him, because I put him first than anyone unconditionally. It’s just been hard to plan a wedding because of money wise but I know he just wants to marry me and he wants me to have a wedding that I’ll be grateful for. This is one I would be grateful for and we would greatly appreciate it. It would just not make me happy but him as well and our family to see we had a wedding we deserve.

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