Charles Maestas – Love you forever

08 Feb, 2018

Charles Maestas – Love you forever

Couple’s Love Song: Doin something right billy currington

I would like to tell you a story of a your people who my at the age of 17. I met Denise years ago and with us being young made mistakes but always kept in contact. I had falling in love with her the first time I met and her and every minute till this day. There isn’t a moment that goes by that my heart skips a beat when I stare in her beautiful eyes. But back to the story we had fallen out of touch for a couple years in that time a lot had changed but you still shared the love for country music and thanks to that I had seen her at the grizzly rose. Then doin something right came on and the best moments of my life happened I got to tell her how I felt and we have been together ever since with 4 beautiful children. But financial I haven’t been able to give her the wedding she so much deserves. I did the right thing ad did marry her at the court house it was a beautiful day but it hurt me not being able to give her the day she deserves.

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