Chanel Grismore – Combined

08 Feb, 2018

Chanel Grismore – Combined

Couple’s Love Song: Cannon d remix

Me and Zack first met in high school we both like each other a lot but both of us had our own girlfriend and boyfriend I got pregnant with mine at the moment so we left each other and about two years later we found each other again when our date to move in both found out we both have kids then we try to talk again and something happen to where we had to go away again because of work then about a year after that we got back together and ever since then it’s been in stoppable me and him have been together for almost 4 years now we have pretty much 5 kids. I’m 24 years old he’s 26 we have no help and manage as a strong couple our oldest is 6 years old. This would help our family tremendously. Thank you for taking you’re time to hear about us nothing to special just a combined family love story.

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