Brittney Mattson – From Kids to Money

08 Feb, 2018

Brittney Mattson – From Kids to Money

Couple’s Love Song: Potluck- Real Love

This October will be 5 years that Ben and I have been together. Everyone always says that they have been through so much in their relationship and ours isn’t any different! From kids, to money, to everyday challenges we have stuck it through.
When we first got together I had a three year old daughter from a previous relationship. Ben stepped up as dad right away. We decided after a year we were ready to grow our family. We welcomed our first son in June 2015. Shortly after we were surprised that we were pregnant with our daughter who was born in July 2016. Just when we thought thing’s were getting back to normal we found out we were pregnant again!! We welcomed our fourth and final baby in November 2017. Most of our relationship I have been pregnant. Calling me pregzilla is an understatement! Ben deserves an award for putting up for me those three years.
Having four kids is defiantly not cheap. Thankfully Ben has a well paying job that allows me to be a stay at home mom. Occasionally we do live pay check to pay check. Our focus is always taking care of the kids and putting their needs first. So the idea of ever saving money for a wedding is a dream for now.
Along with the stress of money we have the arguments every other couple have. The you forgot to grab milk argument. Or the you left the toilet seat up arguments. Then there’s the big life changing arguments like weather I’m going to get my tubes tied or if he’s going to get a vacestomy because three kids in three years was more than enough! Or how i dont get along with my mother in law.
Between kids, money, and arguments we have stuck it through and refuse to give up on our family. It would be a dream come true if we could win this wedding because we would never be able to do this otherwise.

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