Brittney Burden – In the summer of 2012

08 Feb, 2018

Brittney Burden – In the summer of 2012

Couple’s Love Song: The Book of Love by Peter Gabriel

Me and Robert met in the summer of 2012 at Lakeside Amusement Park. We were both employed for the season, I ran the arcade and he was in charge of the merry go round. We made it official on July 8, we already knew we loved each other, even if it was just puppy love at first. Our first challenge came when I went back to college in the fall, we didn’t get to see each other much but talked everyday. After Christmas I came home for good and we saw each other everyday; moving in together in June of 2013.
It was a stained move for us both, with our age difference of 11 years my family didn’t take it well. It was hard on us, Robert was living with a roommate who brought a new girlfriend in the house himself. A few months after that we got our first dog Slinky a dasanhound mix. They’re relationship was strained and with their fighting the power and heat were turned off that winter which prompted us to get our first apartment. We worked at 7 eleven together for the next 3 years, getting a new apartment and beagle puppy Hamm along the way. In July of 2015 we got engaged.

Some hardships came in July of 2016, our car became undrivable and bad economy lead us lost some income and were forced to leave our apartment. Not all bad news, I had family in Texas who were able to take us in, and right t before we moved we found out we were expecting!

Being in a new state wasn’t easy but we had a good experience. I worked here and there while Robert got a full time job. I took to focusing on my pregnancy and paying off bills. Being away from family was hard on us, especially since we were having our first child. In March we had our beautiful baby boy, Nicoli. My grandparents who took us in were over the moon to be there for me since they were unable to be there for my mother’s pregnancies. After some family came to visit we all decided to move back to Colorado.
April we moved in to my moms house since we are still unable to afford a place at the moment. We are also without our dogs who are with another family member. We are trying to get our credit up and find a home for our son and dogs. A wedding had been on the back burner for a while now, we had planned to have in October 2015 but it didn’t happen. Winning this contest would be a big blessing to our little family, a celebration of our love and strength.

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