Brianna Olivas – Trying to date my best friend

08 Feb, 2018

Brianna Olivas – Trying to date my best friend

Couple’s Love Song: Can’t help falling in love – Elvis and twenty one pilots

Our romantic love story begins with Cesar trying to date my childhood best friend! My friend moved to California when we were younger and every year she comes to visit me. She was also good friends with Cesar and when we would get together to go out he would tag along. The first time I met him i was in total awe, he was gorgeous! But obviously I couldn’t act on it because at the time I thought they were dating plus I guess I was in a relationship too. He even slept at my house with her after a night downtown! I remember giving them a condom and that’s when she told me “dude, we are not like that AT ALL! He’s just my friend.” At that point I fell head over heels for him… after I knew I wouldn’t be having sloppy seconds, of course. I asked her time and time again if she was being honest that they were only friends and she kept telling me yes, to the point she said to stop asking. (I guess I must have asked one too many times) It was amazing to hear that he liked me as well.
He came into my life at a critical time because my ex was abusive and I ended the relationship shortly after I met Cesar. The two weren’t correlated but it definitely was perfect timing.
After a few months of texting, he finally had the liquid courage to ask me on a date. Later that day we ended up meeting at this bar by my house called ‘Bout Time. He was so nervous he couldn’t even look at me in the eye, he kept rubbing his hands together and fixing his hat. After a while he warmed up and starting acting normal.
He later admitted if he wasn’t buzzed he never would have asked me out.
We instantly clicked and from that day on we were inseparable. He slept over every night for a few months then ended up officially moving in. 8 months later we bought a beautiful home together.
Last year for our anniversary we took a trip to Las Vegas for a few days then drove (like idiots) all the way to San Diego. We stayed right on the beach, it was so beautiful. It was the perfect anniversary you could imagine but it was about to get even better.
I’ll never forget on Jan. 30, 2017 we wanted to watch the sunset on the beach so we rushed back to the room to grab some wine to take with us and headed to the sand. As we were talking and enjoying the gorgeous colors of the setting sun he drops to one knee and starts crying hysterically, muttering how much he loves me and then he said those magic words “will you marry me?” I was crying so much I couldn’t even say yes I just grabbed him and hugged him and once I calmed down I said of course! By some divine miracle a girl taking pictures of the sunset snapped a picture of the whole proposal. She chased after us to exchange emails and now I have the picture that means the world to me.
Some said we moved too fast but I knew he was the one for me the first day I saw him. He truly is my soul mate, my better half and my best friend.

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