Brandy Le – Our Story

08 Feb, 2018

Brandy Le – Our Story

Couple’s Love Song: The Way You Look Tonight- By Frank Sinatra

Our love story may not be extremely unique or magical, but without everything that has happened I would not be with the man I truly love. I wish for nothing more than for others to find their special someone (and obviously for a thousand puppies, fingers crossed) just like we have.
Josh and I met at a mutual friend’s New Year’s party of 2013. Neither of us experienced love at first sight. He was dealing with heartbreak from his long-term relationship. I was too caught up with trying to make a boy, who could care less about me, pay attention to me.
Josh contacted me through Facebook, just like all kids do. We started texting and it wasn’t until later when our mutual friend told me Josh was interested in me. We started to create a stronger friendship and bond.
Now, I was the type of girl who wanted love. I would have relationships for two weeks and after those ended, I would think that I would never find the one for me. I always thought the boys I dated in high school would magically end up my “the one”, but none of them did. It wasn’t until Josh casually entered my life that I realized how truly valuable I was.
Josh comes from what he would call a “broken family”. His mother was not of sound mind. She would blow up over the small things, make up stories for her benefit, and just be incredibly cruel. One day, while Josh and I were hanging out, his mother had an episode because Josh was going to a job interview later that day. The final result: Josh ended up homeless. Luckily, my parents allowed him to live with my family.
Living together was tough. We were two teenagers who just began their relationship a few weeks prior. Now, we had to share the same space and accommodate one another. Josh did not have a job or a car, so he spent most of his days depressed and trapped in my family’s small condo. He had to rely on me for transportation but I was either working or going to high school. Because of the situation, he had difficulties with being happy. He used to be so pessimistic about himself and never truly believed what amazing things he could accomplish, until finally he was hired at a local donut shop.
Fast forward a couple months, Josh starts to become the hard-working, dedicated partner that I always knew he was. I drove him to work. I lent him money to finally buy a car. I put my faith in him. I put so much of myself into making Josh a better person solely because I loved him and saw his true potential. I just thought that is what someone was supposed to do when they found a person they truly cared about. You never want to see the person you love fail or be unhappy.
Unfortunately, Josh and I soon were miserable because of other factors in our lives. We hated our jobs. Everything just seemed so stressful. It really took a toll on our relationship. I thought that after everything I did for him was a sacrifice. I thought that I focused more on building him into a better person and pushed myself to the side. I thought he did not truly love me. So, I broke up with him around Thanksgiving of 2016.
Josh had to move out, even after weeks of trying to persuade me to fix the relationship. We even went to couples counseling. My mind was made up though. I wanted to be single.
Thank goodness Josh did not stop trying to win me back. We still decided to hang out as friends. When we spent time together he was always so romantic. He would write me poems, pick me up from my door, and would tell me how much I meant to him. He made sure to treat me the way he did before all the stress and craziness. After a couple months of thinking I was better off without him, I knew I made a mistake. The thing that kills me the most, is knowing how much I hurt Josh. The whole relationship I was trying to make him happy by doing all these favors, but what I finally realized, is that just being with him was the answer.
Being better than ever, Josh and I proceeded to buy a house with my family. It was not until December 15, 2017, he got on one knee (finally)! I was relaxing in bed. My Star Wars pajamas on. With my face bare and my hair tangled, he proceeded to tell me how I was the most beautiful girl in the world. Since we were leaving our home for the past five years to start a new beginning, he thought proposing just made sense.
Obviously, I said yes. I am never going to let him go ever again.
For the past five years, we have made each other stronger and happier. We had built each other up, going from having very little to being engaged and having our own house. We save one night a week to make sure we have Date Night. We always give each other gifts, even if it’s a candy bar. We try to show our appreciation for one another any way we can.
We want nothing more than our wedding to be special and reflect how important our love is. Even with Josh working two jobs to save for our wedding, it looks like we won’t be able to afford the perfect ceremony we had always hoped for. We would be so grateful if we were fortunate enough to win such an amazing price. We have never had the best luck but that doesn’t stop us from trying our best! We hope you enjoyed our love story and consider us as serious candidates.

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