Ashley Snelling – When love at first sight is meant to be

08 Feb, 2018

Ashley Snelling – When love at first sight is meant to be

Couple’s Love Song: All My Life by K-Ci & JoJo

I met Jairo on September 11 of 2010. I was a Senior in Highschool and had a Friday night off work. I decided to go to a concert only knowing one song from the group lol. I was born and raised in Fort Collins. The show was in Downtown Fort Collins. The group I was seeing is Bone Thugs and Harmony. During the show is when I met Jairo! He asked for my number anf I was instantly so intrigued. Our first date was a week later! He came and picked me up and took me to dinner and a movie. At that time I learned he was from Denver. Him, his brother and a friend had travelled all the way from Denver to go see his life long favorite group at a small venue in downtown Ft. Collins. We were inseparable from our first date on. Since I was still in school I would anticipate the weekends to spend with him. Despite many obstacles, such as distance and age difference we remained strong and committed! I was 17 and he was 24 when we met. After 3 months our relationship became much stronger and more serious. Shortly after we we’re blessed with finding out we would be expecting our first! On August 16th of 2011 we welcomed our son Angelo into this world.
A baby can make or break a relationship and our son made us grow even more as people, as a couple and in our life. Jairo being the patient, understanding, caring and loving man he is decided to move to Ft. Collins so I wouldn’t have to leave my family. We have built a life together and welcomed another daughter Liliannna on May 11th of 2013. We are currently expecting our last baby girl Harmony Amor due February 14th 2018 ❤
It’s amazing how when two people are meant to be together the Universe will pull them together. A love for music and a group and a need for some excitement on a weekend night off brought us together!
We have been enganged since April of 2017. Between life and putting our kids needs and wants first, we have been saving our extra for a small and intimate wedding with our family and closest friends. I can’t wait until the day I can share the same last name with my love and our children ❤

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