Ashley Sanger – WE DO AGAIN!!

08 Feb, 2018

Ashley Sanger – WE DO AGAIN!!

Couple’s Love Song: 15 in a 30 by Sam Hunt

Where do we begin? We met in 1999 at Church On The Hill in
Boulder, CO. we were only 14 years old. They used to have a teen
night for us kids every Wednesday night… Fog machines, video
games, black lights you name it, then Church. The more I saw
him the more I knew he had to be mine!! So as many couples we
had our ups and downs, and come on we were kids we were just
growing up, so it took a couple years for us to know we were
meant to be. When we were 18 years old we planned a wedding.
My Aunt Karen (who passed away shortly after this purchase)
took me to buy my dress and we had a day I will never forget. I
still have the dress but it is 10 sizes too big now. As the day got
closer it seemed as Cliffs release date from Jail was getting
further away. Cliffs childhood caught up to him and he had to
serve his time. So we put it on hold. At an early age we were
introduced to speed/meth and coke/crack and were addicted for
about 6 years. That also brought on a lot to our lives, but as a
team we overcame our addiction and WON!! We have been clean
and sober since January 2006. We got some exciting news after
just 8 short months of sobriety… WE WERE PREGNANT! In
January 2007 we were involved in a bad car accident that had me
and my belly in the ICU for 2 days and the medical unit for
supervision for 3 additional days. It was a very scary week and
coming months before the baby arrived. July 7, 2007 we
welcomed a little boy name Justus Augustine Sanger 9lbs 1oz
22.5 inches long. He was perfect! The labor was really
non-existent, it was a long 42.5 hour process that ended in an
emergency C-Section. After recovery we packed up our lives and
moved to Mississippi to be with my Mom. It only lasted about 4
weeks. Worst move ever, but we learned and we did it together!!
After countless moves, many jobs, and the stresses of being
young parents we were surviving!! Cliff was working for U-Haul
for over a year when we tried signing me and the kids up for
insurance under his plan. Unfortunately even though we had
been together about 8 years we had to have a marriage
certificate. Cliff gave me the news on a Wednesday and I said
OK, take Friday off we will go to the courthouse and get married.
So that’s exactly what we did, we went to Boulder and got
married. After the papers were signed we met a couple people at
Chilis and ate lunch. On Justus’ 2​
nd​ Birthday Cliff got taken off
work for a spinal injury, he had surgery August 2007 and a
month later we lost our apartment and had to move in with some
friends. Another stupid mistake that we learned from, together.
I started a new job working in Fort Collins while we were living
in Thornton and after about a month at the new job… WE WERE
PREGNANT AGAIN!! This time it was a little girl. Jaikah Renee’
Sanger born June 7, 1010 6lbs 5oz 21.5 inches long. When she
was born we were so happy, complete and ready to fulfil our
dreams, but when she was 7 weeks old she got sick… Doctor
after Doctor, Specialist after specialist, hospital after hospital we
just held on and prayed. She had intussusception twice before
she was 3 ½ which is rare. At one point we were signing our
rights over before a dangerous procedure or putting her under
for more testing. This was a test, of our love, faith and
commitment. I had always been overweight my entire life and
the stress of all this wasn’t good, I ended up to be 364 lbs. So
after a long road I made the decision with the support of my
family to change my life. I took a huge step and started the
process of getting a gastric sleeve surgery. Between the start of
my journey and the date of my surgery I went from 364 lbs down
to 299 lbs with hard work and dedication and on December 22,
2014 it happened. I went under the knife and went thru the
procedure. I had also had intussusception when I was 3 months
old and from that I had to choose the safest route for me and my
body, but shortly after surgery I had to have 2 more emergency
surgeries within 4 months due to complications. After all that I
was finally on a great path to get healthy!! After losing 2
Grandparents during this time as well we tried to look at the
bright side. WE WERE ALL ALIVE AND HEALTHY!! Like any
normal couple we have many ups and downs, but we have LOVE
and that is what always seems to be there no matter what!! Our
Wedding Anniversary is Sept 30​
th​ and this year Justus played
football and they had a fundraiser to Black Hawk. We totally got
a babysitter and went out, which is very rare for us. While we
were there just hanging out enjoying our 8 year wedding
anniversary he did it… He asked me to get married for real this
time!! Of course I said yes, it was perfect!! I could get into
details about how every time we start to talk about planning a
wedding something always happens, like the roof leaking, and
the basement flooding, or when I had to take a 4 month break
from work, or having 2 grandparents pass away 28 hours apart,
but those things just make us who we are and without each other
we wouldn’t be Ashley and Cliff. So here we are and its 2018, we
have now been together for 18.5 years roughly and I’m down
160+lbs and WE WANT TO HAVE A WEDDING!! Cliff is my best
friend, partner, soulmate and I couldn’t ask for a better half to
share this crazy life with! I LOVE YOU BABE ͺ

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