Anthony Gallegos – Love at first sight

08 Feb, 2018

Anthony Gallegos – Love at first sight

Couple’s Love Song: Sure thing

I ment my wife at G.E.D class it was the last day and I never seen her at all the hole time I been going. I was having a bad day in when I walked in she was wearing some black boots and she had some sexy thighs at the end of the day I walked her out of class and I got her number at first we were friend then became lovers and her kids father passed away and her kids look at me as a dad so I finally asked her to merry me and I’ll be the best husband and step father that I can be so she yes then a few years later we had a kid of are own now I’m happy father of three girls and me and my wife are trying to get a house first before we get married because of money but this well help us out a lot but thank u for your time but my wife thinks I’m crazy for doing this essay because we never win nothing but it don’t hurt to try but thanks for your time much love and god bless u

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