Angelina Macias – AOL Chatrooms

08 Feb, 2018

Angelina Macias – AOL Chatrooms

Couple’s Love Song: Dilemma

We met online in 2002 via AOL chatrooms. He told me his sob story about being a “Dreamer”, so to speak, and how his legal status was in limbo. I joked and said he should just marry me to become legal…we married three years later in 2005.

After several years of trying to become legal and getting scammed by a lawyer out of several thousands of dollars he finally became a legal resident. He joked that he’d probably die before he saw his green card. In an eery way, his prediction was pretty close.

Soon after receiving his green card, my husband was diagnosed with stage 2 testicular cancer and given 2 months to live. Since he was in severe pain and worked as a contractor (physically demanding) he had to quit. He couldn’t file for Medicaid because he didn’t fall under tge 5 year legal status rule. We couldn’t purchase health insurance because we were supposed to but it prior to November (open enrollment). The timing on everything was surreal. He was in extreme pain and zero doctors would prescribe anything because he was uninsured. He left to Mexico to get relief.

Now we finally got health insurance but know the deductibles and overall costs are going to be difficult on my part time income. At this point we don’t know where he stands healthwise since its been a waiting for appointments game now.

We never had a real wedding, we have three girls now, and I’d love this opportunity to have the wedding I’ve always dreamed of…timing is everything.

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