Angelena Oller – ♥ Oller and Holguin ♥

08 Feb, 2018

Angelena Oller – ♥ Oller and Holguin ♥

Couple’s Love Song: Dan & Shay – From the ground up

Good afternoon Dazzle,
My name is Marjeane Oller, I am writing this essay on behalf (and in secret) of my daughter, Angelena Oller and her boyfriend Cristian Holguin. Both families absolutely adore these two being together and know that they will make each other the happiest husband and wife! There are no two on this planet, who deserve each other more than they do each other.
♥ Oller and Holguin ♥
Angelena will be turning the BIG, TWENTY-ONE on May 17, 2018. She is the older of two children from my husband Daniel and me. Cristian just turned twenty one in October 2017. He is the second of four children to Luis and Elizabeth Holguin.
Cristian and Angelena are high school sweethearts. Their relationship began as friends while they were students at The Pinnacle Charter School from elementary until high school. As High School progressed, they started showing more interest in each other until that special day 1.14.14 Cristian finally asked Angelena to be his girlfriend. She said yes. (This was a hard time for Angelena as she just lost her Great Grandma, the third family member to pass in two years) Cristian was there for Angelena and took great care of her. He has always been there when she needed him to listen, talk or just hold her so she could cry. He has been her rock ever since. As the last few months of high school was coming to an end, it was so much fun watching as they grew closer together and their love stronger.

Well, as they say, High School finally ended and their love was just starting to blossom. Both, Angelena and Cristian, got full time jobs that summer as she started to prepare for college in the fall of 2015.
Angelena has always wanted to help others and a life in the medical field would help her achieve that goal. So, that’s what she did! She enrolled in Pima Medical School and a short time later she received her certificate in Medical Assisting while working part-time. Cristian worked full-time and needed a little encouragement from Angelena to pursue his dreams of a higher education. He knew he wanted a better life but being the first in his family to graduate High School and to go to college, he was nervous about jumping into debt with student loans and the unforeseen. With Angelena’s encouragement, support and commitment to stand by him as he once did for her; he decided to enroll in college. Cristian has always had a liking and interest for cars and anything automotive so Lincoln Tech was his choice. Fast Forward to Today, Angelena is a medical assistant for an internist in Denver and Cristian will be graduating at the end of February to start his career in the Automotive Industry.
It has been amazing to see the love, drive and determination that these two love birds have for each other and how the strive to make a better life for themselves.
I am writing to you on behalf of my daughter and future son-in-law because I want to be able to surprise these two with something they want so much. Cristian has been going to school full-time and working as many hours as he can pick-up at his job at Home Depot. We know that he will not be able to save up enough; to buy a ring, pay for a wedding, and tuition any time soon. My husband and I do not have tons of money to give our baby girl the wedding of her dreams and Cristian’s family will not be able to help with a wedding. So, if they can win this great wedding experience Cristian will have enough money to finally get an engagement ring and finally be able to ask for his love’s hand for the rest of their lives. We all will then be able to surprise our princess Angelena with the wedding of her dreams.
Thank you so much for your time,

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