Andrea Gresham – The perfect change

08 Feb, 2018

Andrea Gresham – The perfect change

Couple’s Love Song: What ifs

It all started on a trip to grand junction Colorado. It was my cousins idea to get me out of the house and stay at her place for a while. Neither of us had a car to get there, but that’s where we were going, I had about 10 dollars to my name when we left, and the clothes on my back. I wasnt expecting to fall in love. My cousin had a friend willing to drive us to grand junction. He needed to get away too. We finally made it to junction and our driver drops us of at my cousins house and that moment I felt like I was never going to see him again. He was just my ride to where I was going, but he was a gentleman, and made sure just in case anything happened I had a number to call. I make it inside the house and get ready to set my stuff down when my cousins dad says I cant stay. He didn’t approve it before we had came down…. So I have 10 dollars to my name, only my small bag of clothes and my phone. I remember it was one of the most awkward phone calls I had made in my life, but he was so sincere and said he was on his way. In story books the prince always comes riding in on a white horse, to save the day. Mine came in driving a white Chevy Lumina. Since niether of us had much money we knew that we were stranded in grand junction. So we put our heads together and our few dollars and went to the dollar store to buy a bag of popcorn( already popped) and pretzels. For me it felt like time stood still, This man took me in when he had nothing, we were sleeping in the car. The first night we spent the night in the car we just stayed up and talked about anything and everything. He slept in the front seat and I slept in the back. As the week went on we decided that we had to find a job or something anything for us to survive. Our first meal together were a dollar burger for each of us from McDonald’s. We had to go in and ask for a free one. Still no sign of my cousin. We managed to fill a week up by doing almost nothing but it was still soo amazing. I was already starting to fall for this guy after only a week. How could this happen? This was in the end of march, which isn’t the warmest of weather. One night it was supposed to be really cold and we only had his sleeping bag and a blanket. We had to sleep somehow together. If not we would freeze…. So we put our heads together and started going to every free newspaper stand to get all the left over newspapers for the night. That was our new bed in the backseat of this Chevy Lumina. It was way warmer than just the blanket. Still this man was a gentleman. Only sleeping in the backseat to keep us both warm. As the week ended and we rounded into our 2nd week in the car, we both knew that we desperately needed showers because we both were stinky, but truck stops don’t have free showers. And march you can’t just jump in the river. We knew we had to do something! We tore his car apart looking for anything that we could sell. Low and behold it was our lifeline, a 1st generation ipod. And grand junction is loaded with pawn shops. I don’t know if I had ever been so happy to go into a pawn shop. They were being nice and gave is 80 dollars for it. What a godsend… But another issue arose we didn’t want to spend 14 dollars on 2 showers that would be too much. So we didnt.. We had to take a shower together, I have never met a man in my life that treated me with such respect and decency. After we smelled better our stomachs started to get hungry and so after being able to finally put gas money in the car we were able to go eat our second meal together. Arbys. This was truly when I fell in love with this man, Chris mock. I knew that this was the man I was going to spend the rest of my life with. He is my perfect. We have been in a relationship for 8 years and there isn’t a moment that goes by when I wonder if he is the right one. He is my best friend, my hope, and my adventure.

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