Amanda Gilson – True love and Encouragement

08 Feb, 2018

Amanda Gilson – True love and Encouragement

Couple’s Love Song: Brain McKnight “Back at One” 1999

We would first like to thank everyone holding this giveaway. We are so incredibly excited to have Dazzle Denver as a potential home for one of our greatest memories. Our story begins with the love of the Colorado music scene. We had known about each other for many years as both producers and show promoters, but had never met. Once timing was right, our lives came together in a perfectly paralleled fashion. As though we had spent our whole lives waiting to meet, the communion created a banquet of opportunities and contentment. Just as quickly as we came together, the trials of life began to present themselves. We were not to be defeated. Together, we have climbed the greatest of mountains of life, with true love and encouragement. Each day, we grow past the things that have burdened our souls. Myself, Amanda, within the last two years, lost my baby brother to a potential murder and my father passed due to a heart attack. Just recently, we lost our first child due to an ectopic pregnancy and Daniel’s son was just diagnosed with Autism. Throughout all the trials and tribulations, we have remained strong. Both of us being highly respected musicians in the Denver music scene, we have found much healing from our wonderful town. It would be our honor to have our wedding be experienced by as much of our community as we are capable of providing. We hope that by expressing our hearts that we will be a consideration for this beautiful gift! Thank you for reading, we hope to hear from you soon!

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