Amanda Elrod – Greatest Love Story

08 Feb, 2018

Amanda Elrod – Greatest Love Story

Couple’s Love Song: Greatest Love Story- By LANCO

Mike and I met as teenagers through mutual friends. For me, he was just a guy. I was busy being a snobby, too good for school teenage girl and had a boyfriend at the time. For him, I was attractive..and he was intrigued, but he definitely saw that I was not giving him a second look!
We knew of each and were periodically in each others lives from that point on. We were simply in the same circle of friends. As the years went by our circle closed in a little closer, and we were both in some really hard times in our lives. Mike was battling cancer and I was trying to keep my head above water in an extremely dysfunctional relationship. As time passed we both found ourselves deep in severely troubled lives and abusive relationships. At this point in life I had started to grow a little more fond of Mike’s gentle, calm and kind hearted ways, not to mention the fact that he was a hard-working man and so very smart! But what I really admired was that through all the chaos, drama and abuse of what was his life, he was still faithful and dedicated to his relationship. He saw the same in me.
I’m sure at many points each of us felt sorry for each others situations , but we were busy trying to survive them. When we were finally able to reach points in our individual lives and break free from our hell, we did.
We met up a couple times just to be supportive of each other. We thought nothing of it. Neither one of us would have ever thought about sharing a relationship with the other. We were only being friends that could relate and understand the pain of what each of us had gone through. After a few times Mike finally revealed to me that he had had a crush on me since we were teenagers over 16 years ago (at that point) And I also admitted that I had recently began to admire him. Somehow at the end of our individual races we found each other at the finish line. And then it began! We began dating for about two years and then made it an exclusive relationship. We locked hands and have been a constant positive force together ever since.
We have lived more happiness in the last six years then we have in our entire lives! We’ve gone on so many adventures! Our first adventure was a camping trip to Yellowstone national park! Another was a cross-country road trip from Colorado to Montana and over to Washington and back to Colorado. No matter what we’re doing we love doing it together. Whether we are out doing all those things or at home snuggling up together binge watching Grey’s Anatomy, if we are together we are happy !
After sharing our first two years of special love together a couple of years ago Mike and I received the best news we could ever get! After an invasive corrective uterine surgery due to my prior recurrent pregnancy loss and complications and thousands of dollars later, we conceived and were going to have a baby !! This is something that we both wanted desperately and we were just ecstatic! It was a bit difficult as I was extremely ill during the pregnancy but we gave it our all. He was there for me every moment of every day and every step of the way taking such good care of me. We made our little plans and begin getting details in order. Even purchasing some of the babies stuff preparing and so excited for this baby!! At five months pregnant I went into preterm labor and delivered a perfect baby boy named Tristan Michael. Unfortunately he was still born and died only seconds after birth. We suffered the greatest loss of our lives. Our hearts were shattered but it was in that time that we drew so close together and fought our way through the grief and pain. We had been through previous trials and hardships but this one was much more Trumatic. We’ve had to have a lot of love to continue to pull each other through this, but we now see that together we can succumb even the deepest perils of life, as long as we are holding tight to each other.
So on December 3 of this year Mike got down on one knee at a family gathering and spoke the most beautiful words I have ever heard. He said to me that he loved me so much, so much in fact that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. He said “Amanda Elrod would you please marry me!!” After a few moments of silence due to the fact that I was so hysterical I could not breathe, I was finally able to mutter the word “Absolutely”!!
We both feel so blessed to have each other and to have finally been brought together in such a beautiful and loving relationship. We could not ever ask for a better partner ship to do this thing called life! We are so excited to become husband and wife and begin our adventure to forever!!

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