Alexandra Logan – This will make all my dreams come true

08 Feb, 2018

Alexandra Logan – This will make all my dreams come true

Couple’s Love Song: I do by Mark wills

Here’s are story me and Josh met off of POF. He found me and sent me a message and I didn’t answer back and he just kept pushing for me to talk to him so I said what the hell I will see what this guy wants and from that day on we talked on the phone all the time he didn’t want to sit and text he wanted to talk to me on the phone when I got back home from helping my sister move out of Colorado to Utah the next day me and Josh got together and he has never left my side. Are frist Christmas together he gave me my promise ring and we had only been together 2 months I knew he was my forever. He took me on my every first train ride for valentines day that was a Surprise I didn’t know we were going there it was a lot of fun. Then he Propose to me a year after we have been together and how he did that was so cute. He Wrote this letter to me saying how much he loved me and he Videotape me reading the cards and he had are room mates kids have a part in it that after I got Emotional the kids came out and he was down on one knee I the cards that the kids were holding said will you marry me and I said yes . To this day I can still play that in my mind. I hope you liked my essay .

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