Aaron Fitzpatrick – Our Love Story

08 Feb, 2018

Aaron Fitzpatrick – Our Love Story

Couple’s Love Song: Ordinary People by John Legend

To Whom it may concern:

Our names are Xenia Villavicencio and Aaron Fitzpatrick, we are submitting our love story in the interest of receiving a wedding that we both anxiously want but can’t afford. We first caught each other’s attention at work in the café. Every morning they have breakfast at our hospital which opens a 0630 sharp. I noticed this tall dark haired beauty who would always been in the café for breakfast at the same time and sitting in the same spot almost every weekend morning. Although I was there to eat I could hard keep myself from making my breakfast all soggy, as I was mesmerized by her beauty, and at times I would think I would catch her paying attention to me as well. Something in my mind would get me excited to get to work during weekend nights Friday thru Sunday 1900-0730 and it was because I knew I would get a chance to sit a seat across from her and dream about talking to her but never having the courage, as she was always was with numerous people from her department and usually using her phone. The thought of rejection because her co-workers were there or she was talking to her significant other on the phone was overwhelming, so the ability to sit in her proximity and day dream about us meeting during the mornings for breakfast was more the fulfilling!
Unfortunately I had a accident and had to have surgery which put me out of work on short term disability for about five months. Besides being stuck at home and going through intense occupational, I would think about her during the mornings when I would wake up and I would always play the scenario in my head over and over as to how I was going to talk to her and let her know how I felt when I got back to work, “ this was almost three months of scenario prepping!” Well in a cast and sitting at home scenario prepping; I convinced myself to go to work and get breakfast a few time during my short term disability hoping that she would see my arm in a cast and it would be a way to start a conversation with her? Unfortunately for me the few times I showed up to the café at 0630 sharp I never seen her and all that scenario prepping would make me feel crushed.
Eventually I made it back to work and would always keep an eye out for her and for about two months I never seen her again around work or in the café for breakfast. Like I stated I work weekend nights but there were a few times I would trade shifts with morning co-workers for various personal reasons. On morning well working I noticed this girl who kept grabbing my attention, of course in my department we are were uniforms and hair nets and even at times surgical mask so it’s hard to know who is who at times? The next day I noticed this same girl in my department but this time we were working in closer proximity and it was till she spoke to me about something job related that I realized who she was! I guess that during my time out from work on short term disability.
She had transferred departments and was not working in the same department as me! The times that we would normally be in the café together she had be training for her new position in my department! When she first spoke to me it was about something job related and her first words were “this doesn’t go over here!” Even though those aren’t the most romantic words in the English dictionary, they melded my heart! For the next few shifts I would always wonder to her side of the department and pretend to need thing just so I could walk by her and get a quick glance at her and maybe see if she would notice me? It wasn’t till I came in early one Friday night after being busy all day and wanting to get something to eat before I started my 12 hour shift that night, that we had our first conversation. I was heading into the café when I walked by our break room I noticed that she was sitting in there and she was the only one in there!
When I walked I got so nervous when we meet eyes that I didn’t even say hi and darted straight to the men’s locker room; completely ignoring her and the fact the cleaning lady was in the men’s locker room at the time. Luckily I knew who she was and were made a little joke on how she scared me and I should have screamed. We both came out of the locker room at the same time still engaged in friendly banter and out of Instinct ended up sitting across the table from the women of my dreams. As the friendly banter between me and the cleaning lady ended as she reentered the locker room; I sat face to face with her in that awkward silence for about ten seconds as my brain was trying to process words to come out of my mouth and formulate a friendly sentence! So I finely remembered how to speak and I asked you’re the girl who use to work in the distribution department at our hospital and she pleasantly answered yes! We engaged in further conversation about how and why she ended up switching departments, how long she had been working at the hospital, and then her break time was up and she got up to go to work. I ended up continuing the conversation and I walked happily back the department with her. On our way back I ended up asking her if she had kids and if she was married! She answer yes to having children and no to not being married and she was single at the time! I came to work and realized that she was working in close proximity to me again and I kept peaking around the corner noticing her and when I was working I would notice that she was paying attention to what I was doing. I made my way over to her a couple times and had some more conversation during that night and found out that she was leaving that night at 2300; when I looked at the clock it was 2245!
I was sad that she was leaving as I was hoping to have more time that night to see if she was interested in me and if I could some how build the confidence to ask her for her number? It was now 2255 and I could hear her telling everyone bye and I didn’t know what to do; she came around the corner and they we stood face to face for the last moment before she was leaving the department for the whole night. I didn’t have the nerve to ask her for her phone number but I did ask her if she had a Facebook, fortunately said yes and I told her that I was going to add her and she jokingly said yeah you can if you can spell my name “Xenia!” when she left I had to log on to Facebook and go through the whole process of making a new password and that whole process as I am not a big social media person. I found her page and sent her a friendly message stating how I was so glad that we were able to talk and expressed my interest in talking to her more personally and getting to know her outside of work, and I left my phone number just in case! Later that night I received a message back and I was to scared to open it up and read what it had to say; luckily enough it was a reply back stating that she was to interested in getting to know me and she left her number just in case! So later that night I sent a message to her phone and anxiously waited a response.
Eventually we had our first date and I picked her up with a rose waiting in the passenger seat. We went to a mom and pops bar and had a late breakfast and an early lunch. We learned that we both come from hardships in life and haven’t been blessed with the best circumstances when it came to love and relationships. We now share many things in our life that we like to do together from indoor bouldering “rock climbing”, running, and working out. We also share a lot in common when it come to our future from owning our own home, having a child together. Although we both have busy schedule and work day in and day out we do what we can to get by but really are not financially able to have or obtain these things in life. I am currently a volunteer fire fighter and have been testing and traveling anywhere a job opportunity takes me to get a job as a career paid fire fighter.

The song that identify us is Ordinary People by John Legend; because like the song says “we rise and fall and we feel like just walking away, as our lover advances we take second chances through its not a fantasy. Because an I love you means that we accept one another for who we are, and we do not wish to change us into someone else. It means that we will love and stand by each other even through the worst of times. It means loving each other even when we’re in a bad mood or too tired to do things we want to do. It means loving each other when one of us is down, not just when we are fun to be with. Love be one another is knowing our deepest secrets and that we do not judge one another for them.it means that we care enough to fight for what we have and that our love is enough not to let go.
We are hoping that our love story captivates the readers and that our love is strong enough to be chosen for this special opportunity and the can have one of the dreams we share together as a couple come true. We thank you for your time in listing to our love story and how we became to sharing a wonderful life together. May our love stay in your mind and hearts and we hope that whoever reads this know and understands that love can happen at any given moment; you just have to open yourself up to the acceptance to being a part of someone’s life for good and bad and anything is possible!

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