Aaron Burns – 40-somethings Under the Moon

08 Feb, 2018

Aaron Burns – 40-somethings Under the Moon

Couple’s Love Song: Harvest Moon, by Neil Young

Hell would have to freeze over before one of them would marry. So what are the odds that they’d BOTH marry? Each other?

That’s right, Tiffani and I are both in our mid-40s. Never married. Many friends and family wondered if we were too stubborn, too set in our ways…or too darn picky. We met on a dating website. We were on our third date when she began to wonder if I was really interested or not. She was house-sitting for a friend in the foothills. We were hanging out on that friend’s balcony, overlooking the metro area on a pleasant July evening. Music seemed to be a common interest so we took turns playing songs off YouTube. We dazzled each other with our exceptional taste in tunes when one of us–the debate rages to this day as to who actually picked the song–chose Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon.” As the song unfolded, I got up and strolled around the balcony, pointing out the incredible view to the east. Through the trees, I noted, you could see a beautiful full moon. “Yes,” Tiffani agreed, seizing on the moment to give me the perfect first kiss. And Neil Young continued singing, “Because I’m still in love with you…On this harvest moon.” Yes, hell must have frozen over!

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